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    My funds were disbursed on Nov 6th by ACH. The funds should have been in my bank account no later than today. I did not receive any funds in my bank account.

    I called today. The woman was completely clueless and she had no idea about anything at all. She told me she could not even verify if they had sent the funds or not. I ask to be transferred to someone who could verify it and she told me that there was not even a phone number to call anyone who could verify anything! She said that all she could do is take a note and MAYBE someone would respond back, but she said she could not give ANY GUARANTEE that anyone would ever respond!

    I got an email from Escrow,com tonight saying that they were going to re-disburse the funds. I called and they admitted they they had never sent the funds BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO BUSY. I wonder when I might have ever received my money if I had not called them?
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    Hi Korganian,
    I've spoken with the support agents that took your calls today. I can confirm that your first disbursement was sent via ACH batch on 6th November, subsequently cancelled per your request and resent today 10th November. Tomorrow is a bank holiday (Veterans Day) so this ACH will likely arrive in your account Monday. If you don't see it in there by COB Monday use the details that I've PM'd you to reach me directly.

    Jackson Elsegood
    General Manager,
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    I can confirm to you that is completely FALSE. I certainly did NOT request my payment to be cancelled! How in the world could your employees make up such a ridiculous story. All I did was call to find out why the funds had not been received by ACH as requested, after patiently waiting for them to arrive.
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    I messaged you privately a few weeks ago, you never answered me.
    Your website still states that U.S. Postal Money Orders are accepted instantly.
    But that's not true according to chat on
    A month ago they told me the policy was changed to 10 days, same as personal check.
    They promised that your website would disclose this policy change soon.
    But it still shows the same old info. This seems to not be in line with good customer service practices.

    Plus you really need to allow sellers to pick between offering wire only as a payment option. Nine times out of ten cheap buyers will ignore payment terms in a Flippa auction will pick pay by a check or money order.

    Now that you are holding Money Orders from US Post office (one of the most secure forms of payment) for ten days, these creates a huge hassle to wait weeks for payments to clear. Please advise.

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