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    Domain Appraisals and Website Reviews FAQ
    1. What is technically the lowest appraisal someone can give?
    a. All appraisals must be at reg fee or above. If a special promo or discount was involved, then the value can go as low as $0.
    2. How come I cannot bump my appraisal more than twice a day?
    a. Bumping your thread more than twice a day doesn’t give any space for other members. Please wait an additional 12 hours from your previous post to either “bump” it or add more data about your domain to get an appraisal or the attention of others.

    You may answer questions of others for them to be able to determine a suitable figure that your domain is worth. The more information provided, the better the figures in appraisals will be.
    3. Why can’t I post an external link in the appraisal section?
    a. In the main discussion, you are asking an appraisal on the domain name alone. With this, domain investors are taking into consideration multiple factors already: the domain itself, if it’s developed, possible traffic it may receive, etc. as well as other information provided.

    The main Appraisal forum is not the area to get an appraisal on Developed Domains.
    4. Why are there two appraisal forums?
    a. One forum is intended on domains that you own and want a valuation on before you decide on selling it lower than market value. The Pre-Purchase Appraisals section is intended for you to get a fair reseller, hobbyist or end user price on a domain name you plan on buying or advice against purchasing certain domain names in general.
    b. Please post developed domain and website appraisals in the Web Design Reviews area.
    5. Why do I have to consolidate all the domains I want or may want appraised into one thread?
    a. This is to reduce the amount of threads created by you that may draw attention away from other members seeking appraisals. If you have 5 open appraisal threads; rather than 1, you may be put in the spotlight and other appraisals will go unnoticed.
    b. You may be able to get better appraisals by posting at least 1 domain name in your title. This allows others to consider appraising your domain or offering you tips off the bat. Not including at least one domain name in your title can also result in your thread being deleted.
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