Do Forums still matter?

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Some [have] commented whether or not forums matter anymore? There are many articles over the last couple years about forums in general, not just in domaining. Last year Engadget published, As internet forums die off, finding community can be harder than ever.
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I think forums still matter because many domainers still use forums as a main source of domain name ideas and news about the domain name market. That's why we still gather at Namepros to discuss about domain names.
Forums do matter!

Asking the question if a forum matters, to members of a forum... of course it matters to us, otherwise we would not be here... to some it's great info to learn about domaining or do business and network (for us in this instance of nP) for others it's a great place to gather traffic to their own websites and share news etc. and for the people not on nP it doesn't matter, and they are most likely at other social medias, on Twitter, ClubH.. etc.
Forums matter alot less with many other avenues of networking both work and social now available. They are considered old school.

News is read from aggregators, newsletters, blogs, social media etc. Another thing lacking in forums is any level of privacy. Mr. Google sees all.
This one does matter and has an important function in the industry. Namepros has been our most effective domain community communication channel for years.

[The other forum] used to be great but has close to zero activity and now is also owned by a registrar. The [other] forum will within 6-12 months simply become Epik's company forum.
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