Can a previously sold GoDaddy auctions domain catch the same value when sold again?



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Hi NP community, quick question.

So I've had the chance to catch a couple of domain names that GoDaddy lists as previously sold on their platform (when using their valuation tool), I'm wondering if a similar (or higher price) can be warranted given its previous selling price point?

Would such domains be an immediate buy for you if you were to come across such domains?

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Not necessarily.

Trends and fashions change like the wind so something that may have had a value say 10 years ago might not have the same value now. Best to ask yourself why someone paid for a name and then let it expire.

A more sound investment strategy is to buy names based on the value you give them now and not the value someone else gave them years ago.

Having said that there will ofcourse be names that have sold before, expired and still have some value.
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