Anyone with experience selling through Brokers?

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    I don't see much info about brokers, how to go about using their services and what are the processes, not much info on their websites and even here not much is being discussed. Lots of questions.

    (Referring to "independent" brokers - e.g. MediaOptions, Igloo, etc..., not those tied to marketplaces like sedo since marketplace types seem to have clear terms/policies)

    1) are there brokers that help sell anything other than "single word coms"? Newtlds? Brandables?

    2) if selling domain accepted by broker and broker wants exclusivity, do I need to push my domain to them first, or just don't list it elsewhere on good faith?

    3) if broker finds a paying buyer, how to go about transferring domain/receiving money/paying broker commission?
    A) "double escrow"? (Seller + broker & broker + buyer??)
    --- if so, can seller choose the escrow? (Hopefully sedo or epik?)
    B) broker acting as escrow themselves?
    --- if so, what payment methods do they use to pay sellers?
    C) let seller/buyer pay commission to broker on good faith, or require upfront payment before using their brokerage services?
    --- if so, what payment methods do they accept to pay the commission?

    4) is "" verification required by the brokers to verify sellers/buyers?

    5) what's your experience on the commission percentages they charge? I read in some pages saying it was approximately 10-15%, not sure if all the same.
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    my experience says
    1. everyone here is a broker -whenever someone posts any domain with price it gets circulated in multiple groups for sale through members so all are broker only thing is your domain name should be appealing.

    2. passing the domain or accepting the money first is your choice , how you shake hands with broker.

    3. handshake is between you and broker , no one will tel you to send anything to enduser. broker will sell to end user. depends on how you deal , if they find you fishy then yes they can go through esrow.

    5. max 20% depending on final amount

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