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I am wanting to eMail prospects that may be interested in some of my domains. I have heard it recommended that you let prospects know that you are also contacting others that may also be interested.

How can I word the eMail in such a way that they are aware that I'm contacting others but not make it sound like a hard-sell. Just wonder if any of you have been down this road and found subtle ways of doing this.
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when you let one entity know that you are contacting others, with the same intention and same domain name, then you are admitting to being a spammer.

Subtle? I have found being direct is the way to go:

Subject options:
  • [domain] - Action Requested
  • [domain] - Time sensitive
  • [domain] - Last chance
Body template:

[Customized intro / pitch that mentions the domain name]

The price is $[X] and available for immediate purchase on a first-come, first-served basis (reply "sold"). Otherwise, it will be sold for the highest offer that we receive in [Y] hours from now.

Please reply with your best offer or reply "sold" before anyone else. This domain name will be sold and off the market indefinitely in [Y] hours.

Best regards,

[Full Name]
[Company Name], [Company Title]
[Work Phone] [Mobile]

This strategy is similar to a blind auction.
If you've received a favorable offer on the domain name, then mention it at the top to guide their offer:
  1. We have an offer on the table of $[Z] to purchase [domain].
  2. We have an existing offer to purchase [domain] in the four-figure range.
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