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Hey! Im quite new to domain buy/sell. But i bought a domain awhile ago and sold it for quite a profit and its a .se domain.

I got it sold for little more than 2 months ago and habe recived any payment yet. I’ve been in contact with Afternic support in both phone and E-mail but just keep getting the answer:

”Due to the domain being a country code extension, we require certain information from the buyer in order to complete the registrant change on the domain. At this time our Transaction Assurance is coordinating this process with the buyer, once the transfer has been completed the payout will be scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience this delay may have caused, if you have any questions or concerns at this time please let us know.”

I wonder if anyone else have any experience with buying with other domain rather than .com if this is something common to take this much time?

Best regards, R
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Hi @RagnarE
We're sorry to hear about your experience! As the support team says, Afternic relies on the buyer to provide information in order to transfer the domain to them. In nearly every case, this doesn't take long, and it's unusual for the buyer to be delayed in providing the required information.

Afternic changed its payout policy in mid-July so that sellers in transactions closed through Afternic (not including the standard distribution or premium distribution networks) on or after July 19 would be paid sooner. So this is unlikely to occur for you again in the future. But for this case, we will DM you to offer more information :)