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It's Big Game Sunday and our review of Top Topics here at NamePros! 🏈

What are the worst domain investments you ended up losing money from? Google shutting down web sites; SnapNames at it once again; Domain name has been reclassified as premium—what to do? What's the most you ever paid for a domain name?

What are your worst domain name investments that lost you money?
Domain investing does not come with a profit guarantee; many investments can lead to loss of the initial funds, or even more. In this discussion thread, domain investors set shame aside and share their worst investments and lessons learned.

Topic by @buohcom

Google is shutting down websites
In the coming weeks, Google plans to shut down 21.7 million websites created with Google Business Profiles, thus leaving small businesses in the lurch. That's good news for domain investors offering quality brandable or generic domains! Find out how you can benefit from this increase in demand by joining the conversation.

Topic by @Mohamed Ahmaid

SnapNames at it again
Several winners of SnapNames & NameJet auctions witnessed the same pattern of events, having the auctions reversed and their payments refunded. Some say it was intentional, SnapNames says it was a glitch. Form an educated opinion by reading the fine details of this frustrating incident.

Topic by @iDestroyer

Domain was reclassified as premium; I need advice
TLD Registries identify certain domains as premium, charging a much higher fee than standard registration. It's one thing to know this from the get-go and another to witness a domain that you held for a few years getting that premium tag with extra fees! Join the discussion to read more details about this.

Topic by @ryan87

Whats the most you ever paid for a domain?
Acquiring domain names in the aftermarket is part of the domain investing game; spending a few dollars, or more here and there is part of the investment strategy. Read about how much money NamePros members spent on getting a domain name in the aftermarket.

Topic by @ThatNameGuy

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Many important topics, thanks for summary @Acroplex.

Re Google setting down the business .site business listing service, I don't think the impact will be that much on domain names. I presume affected businesses have been given a good warning in advance by Google.

Worst domain investments is an interesting discussion. No doubt most have stories, shared or not, of money lost. Still, one needs to take some chances to progress. But important to reflect to not repeat too often mistakes of past.

Thanks again.

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