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In this week's Top Topics, the subject of a domain swap service is considered, and we look at iOS 16's new Mail feature. Elsewhere, a company completes a $1.6 million domain purchase, and a founder explains why they paid $35,000 for a .IO domain.

Would You Use a Domain Swap Service?

For a relatively small industry, there have been hundreds of innovations, new ventures, and developments launched to help domain name investors. We have marketplaces and domain liquidation platforms to aid domain trading, but will there be a domain swapping service?

Here, an investor has hypothetically proposed a domain swap service in which domain names can be traded for other domains. Would this work as another liquidation option?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

iOS 16 Allows You to Buy Domains Via Mail

For years, there have been concerns that tech giants would effectively devalue domain names by lessening their importance within their ecosystems. For example, Google has toyed with removing the domain name from its search results.

This time, though, domain names have got some love from Apple. In its latest iteration of the iOS iPhone software, iOS 16, it has been revealed that users will be able to buy domain names from the Apple Mail app. For now, it only allows for registering domain names, but could there be scope to secure aftermarket domains in future?

Topic by: @Lox

Chill Brands Completes $1.6 Million Purchase

In 2021, Chill Brands, an international CBD group, secured the domain name. While the company began to use the domain to host a CBD store, it didn’t own the domain name outright. Until now.

Until recently, Chill Brands had paid $800,000 of a $1.6 million purchase price, thanks to a purchase plan that let the company pay for the domain name in installments. Now, Chill Brands has paid the remaining balance, confirming the $1.6 million domain sale.

Topic by: @James Iles

Why I Spent $35,000 on

Damon Chen is the founder of Testimonial, a company that operates a platform for businesses to collect, manage, and distribute testimonials in a single place. Testimonial operates on the domain name, but recently, Chen spent $35,000 to acquire

The founder released a blog post explaining why he spent $35,000 to secure and why the figure made sense to him. It’s fascinating to see Chen’s logic!

Topic by: @lovedomains

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