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By James Iles, Nov 18, 2016
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    We published an interesting interview this week with Recycle Track Systems, who bought for between $50,000 and $100,000 last year. Instead of settling for a longer name, they invested in, and described the purchase as “one of the best purchasing decisions we have made at RTS.” It’s well worth taking a few minutes to read this interview with the RTS CEO.

    Here’s this week’s Top Topics.

    Google Buys Domain Name ""

    This week, @Almarri.Company reported that Google had recently purchased the domain for their “X moonshoot factory”, which seems to be a base for Google’s more experimental projects such as self-driving cars and automated aircraft. The domain is being used as a replacement for

    According to the discussion, the domain was sold by a Chinese investor recently, but details of the transaction haven’t been disclosed. You can read more about the community’s opinion on this domain by reading the discussion in full.

    Topic by: @Almarri.Company

    How Many Domains Do You Own?

    A very simple question, but one that’s of interest to a number of people. Over the past few days, investors have been answering this question, with some interesting and sometimes surprising answers. There have been plenty of responses to this question, with answers typically ranging from low single figures to the high hundreds.

    Several investors have told the community that they own portfolios containing thousands of domain names, including one portfolio allegedly consisting of 20,000 names. How many do you own?

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    Why Are Sales So Slow This Year?

    After the incredibly active third and fourth quarters of 2015 in which millions of dollars worth of domains were seemingly changing hands every day, it may seem like 2016 has been a little slow for domain sales in general. Has that been the case for you?

    This discussion asks why sales might be considered slower this year. The responses to this question are very interesting, with most investors suggesting that it could be down to the fact that less sales are being publicly reported. A recent valid example of this is the $2.1 million sale of, which was only discovered thanks to George Kirikos (@GeorgeK).

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

    How Long Does It Take To Get a Sale?

    A brand new investor, who has been domain investing for a matter of weeks, has asked the community for advice after failing to produce a sale in their short time as an investor. They own a handful of domain names, and have listed them at various marketplaces without success.

    Unfortunately, many new investors are drawn in by the lure of “easy money”, but it’s far more difficult than that. Michael Sumner (@Michael) of wrote a well reasoned response to this question, stating that the average passive sell-through rate for a portfolio is 1-2% per year, meaning that a portfolio of 100 domains may produce a couple of passive sales per year.

    Read the discussion in full at the link above.

    Topic by: @Mbancolita0

    Has Anyone Used

    It looks like there is a new domain name marketplace in town. has recently opened for business, and the community is discussing the platform and its potential. According to the discussion, several investors are looking forward to working with the platform.

    We can exclusively reveal that has just closed its first sale. The domain name is, and the sales price is $7,000. That has been verified by screenshots from's founder, McKay Taylor.

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

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