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Inside Interview: Why Recycle Track Systems Bought

By James Iles, Nov 16, 2016
  1. In this Inside Interview, we speak with the CEO of a company that really gets the power and value of a three-letter .COM domain name. Recycle Track Systems is a New York based startup that was founded in 2015, and is using innovative real time technology and data analytics to vastly improve waste and recycle management.

    According to Crunchbase, the team at Recycle Track Systems raised $5 million in funding earlier this year. Alongside the RTS app is a website, hosted on the exceptional domain name.

    Here, I speak with Recycle Track Systems co-founder and CEO, Greg Lettieri. He brings more than 10 years of technology product development, product delivery, and executive management experience to RTS, thanks to his senior positions at Bank of America and Pacnet.

    The RTS Logo
    Can you tell us about yourself and the company behind

    Why did you decide to buy the domain

    Did you have other domains under consideration, or was your target name always

    Why did you opt to base your brand on over

    Are you able to tell us how much you paid for

    How did you determine that the domain was worth that much to you? Did you use any appraisals, brokers or tools to help you figure out the value?

    Do you think buying was a good investment in your company?

    What would your advice be to other startups or companies looking at buying a premium domain name?

    Do you think that buying the right name should be a priority for startups?


    Thanks to Greg for taking part in our Inside Interview Series. You can follow RTS on Facebook or Twitter if you are interested in knowing more about their services.

    This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
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  6. dejango

    dejango Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Now, how about that?
  7. Omar Negron

    Omar Negron Top Contributor VIP

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    Thanks James!
  8. Ayodeji

    Ayodeji Established Member

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    $50000 - $100000? IMO, they still got it cheap or the seller was considerate.
  9. Julio

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    Another excellent interview.
  10. N-A

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    Was this purchased at the peak of the Chip craze when they were valued at about that price?
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