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By James Iles, Apr 21, 2017
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    In this week’s Top Topics, investors are questioning the value of a two-word hyphenated .DE domain name that sold at Sedo recently for over $50,000. Why would someone be prepared to pay this much? We find out. Also in this week’s Top Topics, a domainer receives a $2,000 offer and asks the community to decide whether they should accept the offer or not.

    In other news, we published a great interview with Nick Macario of this week, where discuss his recent purchase of the domain. One of my favourite quotes from the interview is:

    Here's this week's Top Topics.

    Are You Still Finding High Quality Expiring Domains?

    For a long time, expiring domain names have been the go-to source for domainers to find valuable names to add to their portfolios. NameJet, GoDaddy and DropCatch have created profitable services thanks to investors willing to pay good money to buy the right expiring domain. However, domain investor @Bros has questioned the quality of expiring domain names that have appeared within the past six months.

    According to @Bros, the number of high quality expiring domain names has gone down significantly within the past six months. Is this something you have noticed? Are there still plenty of opportunities to be had with expiring domains?

    Topic by: @Bros

    I Just Sold My First Domain for $1,250

    For me, the most motivational articles to read are those that share great domain name sales and what could be better than sharing details of your first ever domain sale? This week, @xseoco told the community that they had completed their first ever transaction after buying an adult-industry domain in December 2016. The exact domain name wasn’t disclosed, but it was a combination of numbers and letters.

    According to the seller, they could have sold the domain just days after buying it, but opted to wait, eventually agreeing on a sale just before Easter. For full disclosure, the seller also revealed that they previously worked as a webmaster in the adult industry.

    Topic by: @xseoco

    The Truth About Domaining

    NamePros regulars Omar and Will created a motivational video for domainers this week. The video, posted to NamePros the past Monday, shows Omar and Will speaking about what it means to be a domain investor. Their message is that domaining isn’t an easy venture and it certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes daily work to even have a chance to succeed.

    The video is just over four minutes long, and I’d recommend taking a break and watching this video if you need a little motivation today.

    Topic by: @Omar Negron

    I Received a $2,000 Offer. Should I Sell?

    Domainer @Hui Siew Choong told the community that he had received a $2,000 offer at Sedo this week. The domain that received the offer is, but should this investor sell the domain or not? There’s been plenty of discussion on what the investor should do, with the most popular opinion being that the offer should be accepted. What would you do in this situation?

    The latest update from the owner of is that the domain name has been pushed to auction on Sedo.

    Topic by: @Hui Siew Choong

    Why Did Sell For $53,218?

    On April 7th, NameBio reported the sale of for $53,218. The sale took place on Sedo, and has left investors wondering why would sell for such a high figure.

    According to this discussion, there has been an active website on the domain name for a number of years, so it is possible that the domain name was sold along with the website. Was it a pure domain sale? I believe that NameBio only includes data from domain name sales. Is this the case?

    Topic by: @jamaltq

    Bonus: The One Millionth Member Contest

    NamePros has reached some incredible milestones recently. First, the website passed six million individual posts and then surpassed one million discussions, which is an impressive feat to achieve. Now, NamePros is less than eight hundred members away from reaching a total of one million registered users.

    To celebrate, @Cyberian is hosting a contest. To enter, you have to guess when the one millionth member will sign up to the forum, it’s that simple. Prizes include tickets to NamesCon 2018 and a host of other on-site promotions. Enter this contest by clicking on the link above and posting your guess before April 30th 2017 at 11:59 PM UTC.

    Topic by: @Cyberian

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    I am looking for an Independant Domain Name Broker. ....can anyone help please?
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    once again.Thanks for your masterpiece

    Just a point of correction. was been registered before 2014 and just only changed hand now. See the whois result
    Changed: 2017-04-11T23:48:41+02:00

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    Thanks. I've corrected it. I must've misread the whois details.
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    Thanks for sharing James.

    And thank you for mentioning our video!

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    I would say your better off letting members know what type of domains you are selling or buying ,if that's the case. for example I own ,So I would look for recent buyers of desert ,foods,japan,and icecream domains, I would not get in touch with someone that sells fitness domains
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    Am here sir.
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