information Top Topics: Sell without escrow? Dot .in untradeable, says NIXI; Dan lander issues; Domainer guilt; Big dogs to fight in court

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Contract based domain sale without using an escrow; Trading .in domains banned; issue with landing pages; Does anyone feel domainer guilt? Portfolio valuations by a "big dog" registrar might lead to a lawsuit; big dog lawyer needed.

Contract Based Domain Sale without Escrow!?
A domain investor located in the Middle East is experiencing the push-back of government officials to utilize, citing restrictive regulations. Would it be safe for the seller to create a contract for the exchange of the domain and money without a third party escrow?

Topic by @AMRO1001

Trading of [.in] domains banned by NIXI is that true?
India's regulatory authority on domain names, NIXI, isn't domainer-friendly; if you plan on trading .in domain names, such as the recent sale of, you'd better keep it on the down low. Read more details about the pitfalls of such a regulation by joining the discussion.

Topic by @Toshiro - Problem with landing pages
Users of the popular aftermarket are experiencing intermittent issues with the landing pages of their domain names. At times, these landers won't resolve, an issue that appears to occur during the first visit to the domain; the issue might then disappear for several days. Are you experiencing the same?

Topic by @Kostas

Loaded Q: Does Anyone Feel Domainer Guilt?
Domain registrants that are part-time domain investors might experience a strange feeling of guilt when they turn a domain into a sizable sale. Was it too easy, too quick? Is it ethical when the same keyword, for example, is in use by non-profits or medical research companies? Share your thoughts.

Topic by @Charac

Seeking Aggressive Lawyer to take on "Big Dog" domain registrar for millions (individual) billions (class) in damages regarding portfolio valuations
Other than winning the trophy for the longest title for a new thread in recent memory, this discussion focuses on the quest for a top dog lawyer to go after a big dog registrar. A fresh season of 'Suits' perhaps? :)

Topic by @ThatNameGuy

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