Top Topics of The Week: Generic typos, The number one thing in a domain, and Did I mess up?

By N-A, Mar 19, 2015
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    Why are generic typos valued so high?
    @SHINOJ G.S asks about the value that lies in a misspelled word such as, which sold for $1.5k, or a missing S in that sold for $39,995 USD. Over 20 members have contributed with theories behind this and the thread has received more than 1,000 views.

    What is the number 1 thing you're looking for when purchasing a domain in 2015?
    A multiple choice poll with nearly 100 votes so far and a discussion about what domain investors are seeking in a name these days.

    How often does this happen to you?
    You’re building a list of domains by running them through a WHOIS checker before you add them to your cart. When you have finally gathered a list of names that you painstakingly put together, one or two of them are already registered.

    Did I mess up?
    After deciding not to go all out in an auction showdown, @imadoer wants to know whether or not he made a mistake by not pursuing the domain name. Some argue that the domain in question could sell for a higher amount, while others state that he’d be better off with hand registrations.

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    Thanks for the summary, it helps with following interesting topics here on NPs.
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