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Welcome to the final review of Top Topics in 2023 at NamePros! 🎆🎇😁

Roundup of John Berryhill's UDRP performance in 2023; Hacked PayPal account used to buy a domain on; How to sell a domain name right after registering it; Flippa doesn't seem to favor domain only sales listings; Bloomberg UDRP filed against

2023 UDRP roundup and one more for luck?
IP attorney, John Berryhill, is ending the year with a record-setting number of UDRP wins. The veteran attorney represents mostly Respondents but also Complainants; Join the discussion and find out more details about John's outstanding performance in 2023.

Topic by @jberryhill

What will happen if I reject to receive domain from
A domain investor's password-storing account was allegedly compromised and a hacker used his PayPal account to purchase a domain name on The investor is wondering what will happen if he refuses to acquire the domain name, as it wasn't his own purchase.

Topic by @mousa

60 day hold rule? How to sell a domain right after registering it?
Registering a domain name makes you an instant owner, for as long as you maintain its registration. You can use it for its intended purpose right away; you can also sell it right away, as long as you have a buyer! Find out how to work around the 60 day hold rule after a domain's registration.

Topic by @colenot

Flippa now hates domain only sales
Domain-selling platform, Flippa, appears to have changed its search function. The changes favor the inventory of domains with web sites and content, while domain-only sales have to be selected from a drop-down category. Several domain investors using Flippa share their thoughts about this change.

Topic by @Sjpals

Bloomberg Finance L.P. v. Igor Gabrielan and his cat Bloomberg
If you name your cat after a famous financial institution, can you keep the domain name? A UDRP involving is in the works and the Respondent is adamant about the intended use of the domain. Can he prevail at the UDRP?

Topic by @Igor Gabrielan

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Thanks for great selection of topics @Acroplex .

Quite the record in 2023 for John Berryhill. It is great that he has been so active on NamePros for so many years. Important insights mixed with an engaging style of writing and wit.