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A former employee of Epik shares his experience in the domain industry; A growing trend among domain investors seems to upset some; Artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for domain investors; Uniregistry BIN pages are now blocked; Important questions about the UDRP process.

I worked for Epik; Ask Me Anything
Working for Epik was quite the experience for an industry professional; they're inviting others to ask them anything about their knowledge about the domain industry. Join in and find out what they have to say and how they respond to questions.

Topic by @Mifuru

The Sad Growing Trend of Sharing Among Domainers
Some domain investors are sharing information that'd be helpful to others, while some do not. It seems that the growing trend among domainers is to provide less information about their sales, including pricing. Is this good or bad? Some expect "full disclosure" while others are against it. Join the discussion and share your opinion.

Topic by @jideofor

How is artificial intelligence helping your domaining?
The world is changing fast thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools; every class of professionals seems to be taking advantage of a new range of AI tools. What's out there specifically for domain investors, and what needs to be done to improve such availability? Share your thoughts.

Topic by @infosec3

Uniregistry “buy this domain” blocked
GoDaddy shut down Uniregistry and it prompts visitors to visit Afternic instead. It seems that the former landing pages at Uniregistry that pointed to "buy this domain" display an ominous error. Find out what's going on.

Topic by @Mr. Deleted

Important Questions about UDRP
One can never have too many questions about the much-dreaded UDRP process. Almost a quarter of a century since its introduction, the legal process allows parties affected by a domain's registration and use to challenge its ownership. Join the discussion and learn a couple of things.

Topic by @AH555

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