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"AI" keyword popularity plunges, as far as Afternic searches are concerned; Share your process of performing outbound email marketing; Can the UDRP process be used to take away Country .com domain names? Big debate: Keyword+ai .com versus Keyword .ai domain registrations; A fresh domainer aspires to hit it big this year.

“AI” plunges in aftermarket sales rankings
The popularity of the "AI" keyword appears to have plunged in October, at Afternic's aftermarket sales. Of course, such data that is delayed by 60 days can't be taken without a pinch of salt. Find out what domain investors believe about their own .ai sales.

Topic by @News

Outbound email marketing: Share your process.
Domain investors pitching their domains to others utilize a marketing approach that differs from person to person: Some might use Google searches, or LinkedIn data, to locate and contact potential buyers for their domains. Learn what other resources domainers utilize for this purpose.

Topic by @lknights1987

Can a Country Name .com be taken by the country using UDRP?
There are 195 recognized countries in the world, according to the United Nations. Owning a country name as a .com can be a lucrative business but even country domains can be challenged via the UDRP process. Find out more details including feedback from law experts.

Topic by @Ariff BD

Thoughts on the keyword+ai .com versus the keyword .ai domain trend
There are plenty of sales of domains that involve the popular "keyword+ai" combo as a .com. Recent trends also show that the availability of a keyword as a dot .ai domain is gaining popularity. Who is the winner of this game and is this trend sustainable? Find out by engaging with other domain investors.

Topic by @MMaker

I need to be rich!
A university student is eager to wrap up his studies and become a successful domain investor; his quest: To be rich! Join the crowd, Ergulu, and welcome to NamePros where information is shared for the benefit of our numerous members!

Topic by @ergulu

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