information Top Topics: Big domainer won't transfer domain; Squadhelp is Atom; Google & hyphenated domains; Is Estibot accurate in valuations? Mixing DNS at Dan

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High profile domainer refuses to transfer sold domain; Squadhelp is now Atom; Google and hyphened domains; How reliable is Estibot valuation? Mixed DNS servers for & ensuing commission rate.

High-Profile Domainer Refuses to Transfer Sold Domain?
A high profile domain investor is accused of not transferring a domain that someone acquired via a BIN price sale; the investor allegedly claimed the domain was already sold. What would you do if you were the buyer?

Topic by @DrJacoby

Squadhelp is now "atom"
Last week's big news involves the rebranding of Squadhelp as Atom, operating from the domain Was this move necessary and most important, will it improve the global image and marketability of the services that Squadhelp has been providing?

Topic by @Thasreefa P M

Google On Hyphens In Domain Names
Registering hyphenated domains can be a cheaper option that also separates the keywords visually. A Google engineer claims that this is a bad choice when the topic or services provided by the business using the domain grows outside that scope. Does this affect hyphenated domains in general though? Join the discussion.

Topic by @Lox

How reliable is Estibot valuation?
Estibot has been around for a while, providing domain valuation services. In the era of AI-driven tools, how accurate is Estibot in determining a domain name's worth? Find out what other domain investors think.

Topic by @felilah

Has any tried and your own name server? Does that result in 15% commission or 25%?
GoDaddy decided at some point to penalize those that list domains on its marketplaces, Dan & Afternic, without using specific DNS that essentially parks these domains at GoDaddy-controlled pages. The commission is a high 25% but can one mix the DNS in the domain's settings and get away with it?

Topic by

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