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You should check how many of your domains at Afternic are't listed due to never ending "in review" status, without any notification

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hey Guys,

I'd like to note the following problem which can be an issue probably for all Afternic users.

You list your domains, you set 3 Afternic DNS for your domains hoping that the 3rd verification DNS will guarantee that domains are always listed in your account. You keep your domains renewed on time and you think that your domains are all set, properly distributed and have the right lead generation form / intake form active. All great? - not really.

From my experience domains regularly fall out from proper distribution, and they don't even have a proper landing page due to the "in review" status which never resolves. All TLDs can randomly have this issue, incl. .com, .org and often .io.

I recommend everyone to check your Afternic portfolio, specifically You may be surprised how many domains, which you'd expect to be set up, are not distributed and can not get inquiries via the intake form.

I can see the problem for long months. I've been communicating this to the Afternic team multiple times. All they do is an ad-hoc approval of "in review" domains, but after several days some domains get delisted and the issue starts over again and again. In my opinion, the 3rd verification DNS does nothing at Afternic, the "in review" process doesn't exist, although users may expect that having the 3rd verification DNS would guarantee that the domains are always listed at the right account.

And finally, users have no idea about domains getting delisted. There is no email notification (there is one if domains are removed from your Afternic account, but removal and "in review" is something different), no request prompting to prove the ownership (although the issue should not appear at all). You can only find out going to the review section. It's so annoying.... At DAN it never happens because the 3rd verification DNS does the job.

It'd be great to hear comments of other guys who check the section and share the feedback on their observation.
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Hi @GCCinternet,
Firstly, thanks for your feedback on the In Review system at Afternic. For added background information, Afternic's In Review system works separately and completely independently of Ownership Verification (NS3).

The latter is an automated method of moving listed domain names into your Afternic account, whereas Afternic's In Review system to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. By design, the system monitors and detects domain names that have recently been transferred, along with certain other actions, all designed to keep Afternic's inventory in shape.

There is work that we can continue to do to refine the system, and your feedback is valuable as we look at performing analysis of the system.

As you mentioned, Afternic's customer service team is able to review and re-activate those domain names, and we'd always recommend getting in touch:
Thanks for your interest. I can only confirm that the problem indeed affects domains which were not transferred or expired, and didn’t have any update in whois for many months.

@GCCinternet @GoDaddy

I have experienced this "in review" issue today, with a domain which registration data haven't been updated recently, and which is neither a "sensitive" name in any way.

I had had this domain listed without problems until today. What triggered the "in review" status was that I deleted the original listing in order to allow my listing it from my registrar's account. This new listing showed an "active" status at first, everything seemed to be right, but after a while it went to "in review" status.

My solution was undoing changes and listing it back from my Afternic's account. It apparently did it.

I am writing this in case it helps...
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