new gtlds .XYZ set to be TOP extension in 2 years time! OFFICIAL Countdown and celebration thread

This may be news to some people, but I have been lovingly informed many times that .XYZ is going to overtake .COM as the top extension online within 2 years. Here is but a few:

xyz will be the first choice next 1 -2 years
I'll bet you right here on this date that XYZ will grow bigger than .com in the next two years, and then you, my friend, will have nothing but regret.

Well, I know that most people on here won't want to miss the boat on this one, so this thread can serve as a tracker for .XYZ's great rise to greatness and hegemony 🏆!

People said that when .top was the number 1 new GTLD in terms of registration count for a few months at least, that it meant it was going to be the top one overall, but unfortunately that didn't happen, >>all of the signs were there<<, but now LITERALLY ALL of the signs are there for XYZ and we're going to make sure it's on track. This thread is going to serve as undisputable proof of such signs to show that it's on track to being #1.

.XYZ has a chance because it's three seldom used letters at the end of a domain instead of a word like .TOP (or worse, the sickening and wholly useless .COM 🤢, for which it is now impossible to find a good domain) and domainers are saying it is so more often this time than with .top and they are more invested this time than ever before, so it must be true and who am I to say otherwise?

So this is it people... by posting this thread I am starting the:


Post rules:
I would appreciate it if you could keep all posts in this thread to factual and numeric updates on the meteoric rise of .XYZ so that it can be understood by all. It is not a debate thread, nor is it to discuss whether or not this is going to happen, that is cut and dried now - it's happening, I have been told too many times. 2 years and it's done, we can put it to bed, I'll have egg on my face but we can all get on with our lives and make a killing as we've all been warned now.

NO thanks ❌
- Debates
- Slating .XYZ
- Lies

YES please ✅
- The number of days counting down to 24th August 2024
- Cold hard figures from reputable source(s) that compare .XYZ to .COM to show the progress of the inevitable and METIORIC RISE of .XYZ. Including but not limited to counts of: total registrations, developed domains, parked domains, registrations per day, sales figures and likelihood of reaching goal
- Include sources
- Whether it is on track to being the TOP extension or not given the figures

NB: The examples given are for representative purposes only, please don't goad them, this post isn't intended to target them, it's not that serious.
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hope this...i no have .xyz name..


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Well I got aebece/xyz so if gugle ever wants a longer version of their name. I am ready. Will post the sale here.

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I own about 20 XYZ domains but personally I’m more bullish on IO as a threat to dot com.


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I'd recommend reading the whole article, not just the quote below:

The Perils of an .xyz Domain​

What if I told you there was a way to instantly increase your email deliverability, website accessibility, the number of social media posts, and the customer perception of your brand? We just did exactly that by switching our primary domain from spot.xyz to spotvirtual.com.

Initially, the allure of a four-letter domain was strong. The .xyz extension was also fitting–Spot being a 3d virtual workplace in the browser–as it pertains to the multi-dimensional nature of our product. Moreover, surely choosing the same top-level domain as Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been using for years is a relatively safe choice for our application? Unsurprisingly, this turns out to not be the case.

Not all top-level domains (TLDs) are created equal and some are much worse than others. We suspected as much, but we didn’t know how to quantify the risk when we were making this decision. In this post we lay out the impacts that having a .xyz was having on our business and hope to simplify the decision for other companies in the future.


Once we switched over to spotvirtual.com, not only did the anecdotal experience drastically improve, but we were able to quantify this based on some of our emails which were tracked. After switching, our initial email open rates rose from 70% to 86%, second email open rates rose from 50% to 72%, and overall meeting conversions rose from .1% to 3%! This improvement alone is worth the domain switch.

Google "my emails keep going to spam" - there are 48,200,000 results involving the whole internet lol.

.xyz has 4.2 mil registrations & only one random guy talking about deliverability. And .xyz is 8 years old. There are thousands of email companies holding verifiable data. If there is a real problem, where is the real, peer-reviewed data on this issue?

241,000,000 results in google for "sites:.xyz"

Do you know anything about email deliverability? Try hand-registering any domain and they try to send emails without warming it.

And look into this guy's past.

His last company was built on cold e-mailing. He literally admits to having using .xyz domains as link shorteners.

Do your dang research if you're going to throw shade LOL otherwise you're just #fakenews
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I have been realistic and this thread is intended to be exactly that! Figures, facts about XYZ to drive out the reality of the situation. This thread is needed.

To be fair you don't know what names I have, xyz or otherwise. Though I don't go around telling everyone exactly what names I've got, I can say that I use figures as my guide about what to invest in and what not to, I don't use how many threads/posts there are on Namepros, how many sales one seller or anecdotes about other's sales or whether someone has a "hunch" about it.

So for this post, it's already been useful. We've established that one person who keeps saying XYZ is really rising has based their opinion from figures that are simply wrong from domainnamestat.

Unfortunately this is only anecdotal. It's no use. As per the thread rules please provide figures that we can verify so that we can track it over time and compare them to .com so that we can confirm that XYZ is on track to hit the 2 year hegemony.
NameBio.com for aftermarket sales stats (the reported ones at least)
Alexa rankings (RIP) for popularity - always showed .xyz as #1
w3techs.com for popularity - shows .xyz as #1
ntldstats.com has the real registration numbers
gen.xyz/blog - new real users posted every week
gen.xyz/live - more real users
google "site: .xyz" - pages indexed in Google
https://www.spamhaus.org/statistics/tlds/ - abuse statistics (.xyz is low, generally ranked around .com)

There are a lot of stats out there to show the growth :)


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xyz deserves all the respect and all the glory and this is what is happening right now

All that remains is to pick the fruits for those who managed to purchase when it was still possible 3-4 years ago the premium words

Keep counting it's healthy...

Keep ignoring him my friend lol.

this "Perils" article is hilarious.

.xyz at 4.2 mil registrations & only one random guy talking about deliverability. And .xyz is 8 years old. There are thousands of email companies holding verifiable data. If there is a real problem, where is the real, peer-reviewed data on this issue? There is none. The argument is dead lol.


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Spot is actual business that is providing the actual data from experimenting with both .xyz and longer com

I have zero reason to doubt that they did not make up the data and they have no reason for this.

.com blocks are domain specific based on their history.

.xyz, on the other hand, is often blocked by default. Because most business have a) ZERO partners, suppliers, clients that use .xyz b) just putting the rule "if email from *@*.xyz, then delete" could cut considerable amount of spam and malware.
you can't call it actual data - it's an experiement of 1 with no control.

nothing you say is factual. what lazy sysadmin blocks a whole TLD by default. only the dumb ones. if you think email filtering is that easy, please take my job. I'd be curious if you can provide any real facts.


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I am 99,9% certain that .COM will remain the TLD king in 2024.

Still, I am happy that .XYZ made 2022 one of my best year as a domainer ever, even if I was lazy.
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I genuinely feel like IO or ORG will be the next extension to explode. There are lots of great names available in both.


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I like .COM. .CC, .IO, .ME, + .XYZ

Each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

These are the few .XYZ domains I have as of now:


Andreas B.

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so, xyz might not be the TOP extension in 2 years time,
but its for sure a very lucrative domain extension.

Gaming.xyz -- $123,984

Sino.xyz -- $119911

Bull.xyz -- $199888

and ain't the money the reason we are here for?!


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Man with sales like these, I really cannot argue that XYZ will without a doubt be worth vastly more than every other TLD combined within 2 years. Sorry for doubting you guys.

isabelleburns.xyz869 USD2022-11-06Dynadot
zgslrikeblau.xyz943 USD2022-11-02Dynadot
j1genesis6lq.xyz949 USD2022-10-29Dynadot
trafficdepot.xyz966 USD2022-10-28Sav.com
milftoonindo.xyz824 USD2022-10-12Sav.com
lwsiilwdidcds.xyz086 USD2022-10-06Sav.com
mfmarianaoeh.xyz828 USD2022-09-29Dynadot
ldbeatriceo4u.xyz225 USD2022-09-27Dynadot
tfdaniellajus.xyz261 USD2022-09-27Dynadot
d3christy7go.xyz943 USD2022-09-27Dynadot