new gtlds .XYZ set to be TOP extension in 2 years time! OFFICIAL Countdown and celebration thread

This may be news to some people, but I have been lovingly informed many times that .XYZ is going to overtake .COM as the top extension online within 2 years. Here is but a few:

xyz will be the first choice next 1 -2 years
I'll bet you right here on this date that XYZ will grow bigger than .com in the next two years, and then you, my friend, will have nothing but regret.

Well, I know that most people on here won't want to miss the boat on this one, so this thread can serve as a tracker for .XYZ's great rise to greatness and hegemony 🏆!

People said that when .top was the number 1 new GTLD in terms of registration count for a few months at least, that it meant it was going to be the top one overall, but unfortunately that didn't happen, >>all of the signs were there<<, but now LITERALLY ALL of the signs are there for XYZ and we're going to make sure it's on track. This thread is going to serve as undisputable proof of such signs to show that it's on track to being #1.

.XYZ has a chance because it's three seldom used letters at the end of a domain instead of a word like .TOP (or worse, the sickening and wholly useless .COM 🤢, for which it is now impossible to find a good domain) and domainers are saying it is so more often this time than with .top and they are more invested this time than ever before, so it must be true and who am I to say otherwise?

So this is it people... by posting this thread I am starting the:


Post rules:
I would appreciate it if you could keep all posts in this thread to factual and numeric updates on the meteoric rise of .XYZ so that it can be understood by all. It is not a debate thread, nor is it to discuss whether or not this is going to happen, that is cut and dried now - it's happening, I have been told too many times. 2 years and it's done, we can put it to bed, I'll have egg on my face but we can all get on with our lives and make a killing as we've all been warned now.

NO thanks ❌
- Debates
- Slating .XYZ
- Lies

YES please ✅
- The number of days counting down to 24th August 2024
- Cold hard figures from reputable source(s) that compare .XYZ to .COM to show the progress of the inevitable and METIORIC RISE of .XYZ. Including but not limited to counts of: total registrations, developed domains, parked domains, registrations per day, sales figures and likelihood of reaching goal
- Include sources
- Whether it is on track to being the TOP extension or not given the figures

NB: The examples given are for representative purposes only, please don't goad them, this post isn't intended to target them, it's not that serious.
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.xyz is the king and is the best

This Zion is the best domainer and the best person ever

.com is nothing

.xyz will be the top within the next few hours.