Would it be smart to use an Email address such as [email protected] as the Registrant Contact and remove Whois Privacy?

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I have pondered this for a while now. If I register a domain such as:

and create an Email address like this:

[email protected]

Then use this on all of the domains I'm trying to sell as the Contact Email address for the Registrant/Administrative/Technical Contact and turn the Whois Privacy off, would that actually work in my benefit or hurt me in the long run?

I think the positive would be that potential buyers would be encouraged to contact me.
The thing I am not sure about is - how would this effect any possible UDRP Policy cases should any ever be brought against me? Could the other party in a dispute then use this as evidence that I registered the domain with the intention of selling it for profit?
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Just remove Whois privacy and use the email of your choice.
I purchased a domain a while back to do something similar. I was going to host my own landing pages and not only use the domain for email but also use it for custom nameservers, so that anyone looking at the whois would know it was for sale:
[email protected]

I never did anything with it, as it was just too much work and sales landers through the marketplaces were just easier to do.

If you are doing outbound sales specific to one domain, you could just set up email for each domain. Like [email protected]

Good luck
Even with Whois privacy, you still can get plenty of spam, but I wouldn’t open yourself up to more