Why is THE.Best social network the Best opportunity for Domain Investors ?

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    THE.Best social network is probably the biggest innovation in the Domain Name industry since the ngtld program launched by ICANN in 2012.

    So first, let me give you first general infos about THE.Best social network before explaining why it is a so big opportunity for domainers right now !

    What is THE.Best social Network ?

    THE.Best is a social network for reviewers.

    It is based on the .Best Top Level Domain for the user data decentralization so that each user/reviewer has its own .Best domain/website (instead of having a "classical" social media account).

    Example : THE.Best = https://www.cyril.Best VS TWITTER =

    You can review on anything and you are rewarded for that.

    We share 50% of the advertising revenues with our social media users = reviewers

    We are working on THE.Best social network since 2 years (even before making the acquisition of the .Best Registry in July 2018).

    What are the main differences between THE.Best and all existing social networks ?

    THE.Best is the first and unique social network to be :

    1. REWARDED, (We share 50% of our ads revenue with our users : ex : adrien.Best)
    2. DECENTRALIZED, (Each user has a .Best domain + website where you can get its reviews : ex :
    3. RESPONSIBLE (Every user is authenticated (not anonymous) and is the unique owner of its data)
    4. GLOBAL (Worldwide incl China)

    What is THE.Best social Network target in terms of users = domains ?

    Our target is about 100M users FY2023 means 100M .best domain names.

    Does it means that THE.Best is competing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ... ?

    Absolutly not ! It is fully complementary.

    .Best is complementary with the .com and is complementary with FB, Instagram, twiiter, Linkedin, ...

    People get paid to review on anything but the key is that most of the traffic should come first from our existing user social medias.

    Content is King BUT Share is Queen !

    Basically, People create reviews from THE.Best app and share them first on their .Best website but also on their FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, ... to get more traffic & make more money.

    Why moving so fast from the domain name industry to the social network industry ?

    Coz there is no innovation without innovation at scale !

    Look at the data !


    Why is it the Best opportunity for .Best domain investors ?

    Coz in social medias, the biggest asset of an influencer (even before its followers) is its name, so if you are the domain owner of .Best domains, it will be easy to resell them to the influencers ?

    Plus, if you registered some .Best good industry names (ex : nychotel.Best), it can help you to make money and monetize your .Best domains coz we will share the ad revenues. (Like on a parking page)

    What is actual status of THE.Best social network ?

    THE.Best was presented at the NAMESCON LAS VEGAS in January 2019.

    PRE-REGISTRATION are now open on : https://the.Best

    Early adopters will be onboard early in June 2019.

    THE.Best app will be launched in September 2019

    THE.Best Marketing/Event public launch will be done at the WEB SUMMIT 2019 in Lisbon in front of 20K attendees :

    All THE.Best,

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    So amazing TLD with lots of opportunity. #best

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