discuss Who is the BEST domainer at NamePros?

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To much of the advice on this forum is coming from people like me, who don't know shit.
So creating a directory of users who have found success would be helpful for does who desire to do the same.

So In terms of achieved sales and current domain estate ownership, who do you consider to be one of the most successful domainer at NamePros?
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I see two trust fund kids, unless there advice is have rich parents not sure what they could teach.
Well to not settle when you already have everything is a feat in itself. Don't compare them to these kids
They xxxxxxAny money their parents gave them. Even if there is alot to dislike about them, to be ignorent about their admirable qualities is silly.
comeback of the .com domain king Rick Schwartz!

magic johnson in 80s was the best player because he made others better..
Found this:

So the best domainers are those with huge portfolios?

Based on this logic, if I registered 1,000,000 .horse domain names, I would become the best domainer in the world!
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