What's more valuable...a Domain or a Trademark?

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    It's interesting that if you search the name "namePros" at USPTO you'll find someone holds a TM aka Wordmark for NamePro (singular) since 1995. My guess is because it was registered in Texas it belongs to NamePros™ (plural)

    Then researching the domain (plural) and (singular) i see where they're owned by the same entity, and when you key the singular, it forwards to the plural.

    While all this makes sense, which would you say is more valuable, the TM (registered since 1995) or the domain(s) registered in 2003?

    Anyone have any experience buying or selling either or both such that a comparison can be made? Thanks
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    In your example, the domain names seem to be better and worth more. :)

    For us, the plural is best for a community platform, and the singular is best for a product. To avoid confusion and not lose traffic to our website, it's good to have both.

    We hope that helps.
  3. ThatNameGuy

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    Thanks for chiming's great to get feedback from the "horses mouth". I don't think it's a question to have both or not, for I'm in the process of applying for a registered mark for a company I recently started; "9Time"that unfortunately I don't own the corresponding .com. That said however, I own several domains like,,, Heavenly9 etc. where I'll proudly display "9Time".

    I also agree with your assessment about singular and plural that it's good to have both.

    Thanks again(n)

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