What's going on with Epik and Rob Monster?

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    I said ideation.


    To the point of intentions,
    I recommend somebody with suicidal intentions reach out to as many folks as possible.

    The premise being, there is always another option than ****....

    If that other option is contacting another nP member, who are we to judge?

    I spoke to Rob once in a similar situation. Having just left an inpatient unit against medical advice following a psych hold, and even though I disagree with most things Rob, I don't disagree with that phone call, or reaching out. Nor do I disagree with me reaching out to other nP members.

    I would caution folks with thinking following the bible means following robs politics or epik marketing, or anything in between.

    The world has a vast amount of resources. Some of it easier reachable than others, no matter if it's physically, or psychologically. We are all in this together comes to mind. You, me, other members, the outside world, to include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, scientists, nuns, and more.

    If your amount of question marks was wondering if Rob encouraged my suicidal ideations, the answer is a resounding NO.

    Would I contact him again? Likely not. But that's due to events after we spoke.

    Plus, I'm happy being connected to other nPers. Though, that doesn't mean I have found the fix all to alleviate frequent ideations.
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    I absolutely support your proposal to talk
    to others
    that includes NP Members

    but my concern is that an unwanted effect might happen
    as I guess that's a very tricky situation

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