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  1. OnTopMusic

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    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice from some experienced domainers.

    I have a site nicely put together, minimally established at

    I'm up to close to 800 unique visitors on the year, (see Pictures)

    Im looking to turn this into a way to generate income, no specific amount desired, just looking to start small.

    What kind of changes would you make to bring in a few bucks a month on this site?

    All suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!

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  2. Pierre Barnard

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    Nice looking site.
    Have you considered social media? I have recently seen a site of mine feeding from pinterest articles/posts which was added a few years ago and still generating traffic daily.

    I am no expert, but always looking for ways to generate traffic organically. Just seems more difficult these days. Unique content seems to be the key (or one of the keys).

    Would like to hear other's input.
  3. OnTopMusic

    OnTopMusic Established Member

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    Thanks very much, i dont do much social media (even on a personal level) but i do understand the importance of really looking to keep this site more of passive willing to make some changes, i just wanted to see what others would do to monetize the site if it was given to them

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