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discuss What it means to be a Domainer?

When I read bio of one domainer's Twitter profile:

Following trends or simply copying others does not make you a #domainer, you still need to have patience, passion and flair..... a lot of flair

For me To be a Domainer is buy domains, sell domains, park domains or develop, buy domains which I like. Sell domains to a first buyer at any price as Domain Trader. Hold domains and sell it to a buyer for my desired price or an unexpected high price as Domain Investor. Read domaining information, news. Learning Domaining. Write outbounds, improve skills. Domaining is my hobby.

What is To be a Domainer for you?


it's a mystery
Buy & Sell domains - you summed it up right a the beginning.......

Everything else is a by can register or buy as many domains as you want but unless you sell any or do any research/learning then your just a gambler.....

Also...I would not have a built out a website without coming across domaining so glad I found out about it


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A domainer is an individual or company that actively engages in the buying, selling, marketing, monetization and publishing of internet domain names and other related web and or internet-based properties.

Domainers often generate income through domain parking and/or website development, with the main purpose of generating revenue from advertising click through and/or selling a property for a multiple of the cost to develop the website.

Many domainers target generic words which can be valuable for type-in traffic and for the dominant position they would have in any field due to their descriptive nature. Generic words and phrases like poker, insurance, travel, creditcards, sex and others are attractive targets of domain speculation in any top-level domain.



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A domainer is a domain name dealer. Dealer: someone who buys or sells goods. Investor, flipper, speculator, hobbyist, trader, whatever. You deal with domain names. Done.

Though personally, have never been particularly fond of the word "dealer".

On my portfolio site, I state I specialize in digital properties.

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