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    1. pteracuda
      Why is your company refusing to give customer support today? I've never been treated so rudely by your people in the past, this is just uncalled for. I asked for more support because they did not answer my questions and your people blocked me from support.
      1. namesilo
        The reason why is because you are spamming across every platform. Spamming across our platforms is not conducive to getting any issue resolved and simply creates more difficulties for our team to assist you.
        Jan 9, 2020
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      1. namesilo
        Can you please follow up on your ticket so our team can investigate this matter? From our records, we can see all tickets associated to the domain above have been responded to within 12 hours. Please note that some matters require more time to investigate depending on the complexity of the issue. Otherwise, you can also contact our chat support team at
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    3. CJI Intiative
      CJI Intiative
      1. Will changing the DNS servers of a Domain to that of a Third party's affect the listing on the NameSilo Marketplace?
      2. I listed a domain for sale in the Marketplace and yet I was given access to a ForSale page for the domain. Why?
      1. namesilo
        Please e-mail us at [email protected] with these questions so our team can confirm with answers specific to your account.
        Feb 14, 2019
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