advice What is the most appropriate type of domain to use for sending outbound sales emails? (i.e. What constitutes a professional looking email address?)

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Hey everyone.

There seems to be wide consensus that domainers should NOT use a "free" email address (@outlook.com) for their outbound communications and such.

Instead, the advice I've seen emphasizes the importance of using a professional (that is, hosted) email box/domain for such purposes.

Beyond this general point, could you please share what specific type of domain you judge to be most suitable for email for domainer purposes?

For instance, would you recommend:

1. Setting up a separate and unique email box/handle at/for EACH domain name one intends to sell?
e.g. When domainer John Doe is selling ChicagoLaw.com, he ought to set up and use a mailbox name along the lines of [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (or whatever).
But when domainer John Doe turns his focus to selling DallasLaw.com, he ought to set up and use a mailbox name(s) such as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (or whatever).
*** Mr. Doe sets up a separate and unique email box/handle at and for each domain that he intends to sell. ***
2. Buying ONE'S OWN NAME as a domain (or the closest match)?
e.g. Domainer John Doe ought to buy himself the domain JohnDoe.com or perhaps JFKDoe.com
He ought to set up and use 1 or more email handles such as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (or whatever).
The same JohnDoe.com domain is used for all email communications (tho potentially there could be multiple mailbox handles/accounts set up and used; 1 assigned to each unique domain name that Mr. Doe is selling).
3. Buying a BUSINESS NAME/BUSINESS BRAND domain (e.g. DoeDomains.com or LegalDomainNames.com) and using it for all email communications?
e.g. Domainer John Doe ought to buy the domain DoeDomains.com in order to host 1 or several email handles there, such as john@DoeDomains or [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or whatever.
4. None of the above (please elaborate)

What have y'all found to work best for you?
Thanks in advance for your input. Much appreciated!
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Anyone willing to share? :xf.smile:
For the sake of the discussion let's say even though you're cold emailing potential end users you're not spamming. Which isn't true.. cos you are... But for the sake of the discussion...


Best is option 3. Always use the same email, build reputation at a reputable domain and your chances of bypassing a spamfilter will increase.
This sounds like really good advice, thanks very much!! I hadn't sufficiently considered the domain reputation / spam filter issue until I read your excellent point.

It sounds like the best thing to do would be to just send 1 or 2 emails to begin with -- writing fully customized text in each message -- hence "non spammy" messages that would hopefully contribute to building the sending domain's good reputation rather than harming it.

And going forward from there, ensuring that every additional future message that I send from that domain is similarly customized.

And not emailing strangers / "non contacts" too frequently.

Thanks again for highly useful words of wisdom. I definitely won't be a "spammy spammer", as I only plan to approach carefully researched prospects "once in a blue moon" with customized information from which they could legitimately benefit.
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The most important part is getting inboxed. Your own domain will always end up in spam or promo a lot more than a gmail address (unless you are abusing it, in that case it doesn't matter, you will end up in trash).

Domainers should focus on getting inboxed. The sale will happen via escrow anyway and that should be addressed in the email too. This means no risk to the buyer. Include a phone number, name in the email and if you have a site include that too.

Avoid your own domain if you do outbound. You are wasting most of your effort.

This is how it works in reality.

You send an email to someone about a domain. If they don't like the domain, the email goes to trash. If they do like the name they will wonder is this a scam. That is where they read in the email about the escrow, if you are using Dan you can now say a GoDaddy brand just like it appears on Dan. Nobody cares about the senders email at that point because people know anyone can be owning the domain now.