What is the catch in 5L?

Dynadot Dynadot


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I can see from namebios that 10-15/month names are sold between 100-400 bucks but so many can be found on expireddomains.net. So I would like to know the reason. I mean for newbies flipping in 100-400 range is not bad at all!
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Lionel Cohen

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Most of the 5L.com trading at the moment have either great pattern (i.e.: triple letter etc...) or a Chinese city code (BJ, SH, GZ, SZ, CN mainly). According to the latest scans, there are about 31% of the 5L chips (i.e.: with no a,e,i,o,u or v) left, i.e.: about 1M.
Around 3K to 5K or registered everyday, that means that, at this average rate, in about 5 to 8 months, the 3.2M should be bought out totally. Already 90% of of the chips with at least a double letter have been registered.