What factors is depends on sell of domain?

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    Recently 1 month before I am buying two domains.
    But someone says me you should tried now to sell domain and I am just recently listed to sell but I couldn't.
    And noticed things I am not developed any websites from those domains.But the estimated value stats as near about $1200/each.please help me to solve following question or confusion.
    1.What is timing need to sold these domain?I am buy these domains at 2 sept.2018
    2.what should i need to sold these domain?
    3.can I need to developed website or blog to sold these domains?
    4.what factors needed to sold these domains?
    5.Is there domain buy sell can give profit in less timing?
    please help me!!!
    NOTE:My first domain has 7 charaters
    My second domain has total 9 character(6 alphabets and 3 digits as 360)
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    Without knowing names I think no one could help but I myself sold domain in a week after hand registering. I also found some people sold name in 24 hour but its depend on quality of domain name & end user.

    1. It's totally unpredictable thing. Your name can sold from 1 day to 5 year or its not get sold even in 20 years.

    2. You don't need much to sell domain. Just list your name for sale on Godaddy, Sedo, Afernic and park them with Undeveloped

    3. No it's not needed,

    4. To get your name sold invole lots factors, like how good is your name, most time good name get sold their self but some time names require to do some outbound to get it sold as the pool of possible end user are limited

    5. Domaining ain't be a quick rich secret, its require you to learn lots of things & wait for a year to get your name sold.

    My tip for you is to read here and there lot, check & other domaining blog daily before spending another $ on a domain name.
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    thank you!
  4. Kate

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    Domaining requires patience and long-term focus.
    Even good names can take a long time to sell. Whereas bad names will remain unsold forever.
    If you registered something in 2018 it is a leftover. If nobody picked it for $10 the odds that you will sell it for much more to someone else are quite remote.
    Automated appraisals are for entertainment only.

    The operative keywords here being:
    Research. Education.

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