question What exactly is a tier 1 domain?

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Mustafa Odabasi

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Hi folks,

Recently I've registered 4 .vip domains and wanted to list them at GoDaddy Auctions. GoDaddy kept giving me errors saying that they can not list these domain names, that was strange because I could see lots of .vip domain listings there. So I've contacted their support department. After checking the domain names, they replied back with this;

"Upon further checking these domains are we called Tier 1 gTLD's registries. And we are not authorized to list Tier 1 domains. The Tier 1 domains are like the super special, probably valuable ones."

I'm a full stack web developer, not a domainer. What exactly makes a domain a "tier 1" domain and what would you suggest me to do at this point?

Thanks in advance...
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