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Hey, so I've tried selling my domains on here for roughly a year, so now I feel we're family :). I appreciate the helpful feedback from everyone who replied to those posts and figure maybe I should drop guitar case out for you guys and see if we can't get our project full funded.

The movie started out as an pilot either when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the last season or Angel just ended... Either way, that's why the reason for the whole teen turned badass theme... and the reason for the name Ozstriker. Basically, the movie is about young Ozstriker after he accidentally "liberates" an ancient dagger hidden in a museum, which unleashes a genie that, obviously, grants him wishes. Those three wishes allow Oz to know everything about the paranormal and extraterrestrial and he uses the last wish to wish the genie free, because he's a good kid. But with the genie free, he still sticks around as he informs Oz that Oz's crush has become possessed by the Ruby of Tinoc and has sent out a signal into space to invite an alien and monster invasion to their small town. Oz, along with his best friend Tim, and his new friend, Atic/Genie, face off against several monsters and aliens. It's sorta Scooby Doo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Aladin.

The animation is nearly a 3rd done. All voices are in, and we just need to finish animating it, put in the music, and so on... Then it'll be all done, and all the awesome talent will finally be able to see their hard work realized! I'm only trying raise 3k because I wanted to go after the bare minimum to get this done. But the more I look on how to promote the kickstarters, the more I learn I've gotta be asking for a ton more. SO, if this does not get fully funded, I plan to do another kickstarter that will help fund the entire slate of projects for the upcoming two years, plus the insane marketing cost. But before I plan that out, I wanted to reach out through here to see if any Domain folk want to be backers. The rewards/perks are pretty awesome and unique. Especially the one where Antun will create a character from your photo and put you in as one of the clowns on our next Dippy Saves the World volume... Which is less family friendly and much more insane... There's also other perks, and no matter your backing amount, you'll be thanked in the credits!

Anyway, really appreciate the feedback before, and hope you all can help! The link below has roughly and 8 minute clip you can check out and more jibber from me!

Thanks again,
Austyn S.


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