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You have to stick to VR or VirtualReality, all these other abbreviations (Vi, Vir, Virt, Virtu etc) is just domainer hype, mainly because the VR version is gone so we try making up new abbreviations. Sure there may be a company or 2 that have used it, but its the exception and wont take off and you will struggle to sell any of them...just my opinion..

Dear Sir,

I completely agree with you to some extent & I would have had same opinion as yours however after doing an indepth research on VIR, only as i had bought a few VIR domains ( & as a part of Portfolio purchase which had been regged in 2002-2004. And when i tried to search for prime keywords of Game and others they were regged even before.

Thus, than i went into searching if any Virtual or Virtual Reality based companies are actually been using this & this is the result i found. All the below companies are using this abbreviation already.

After going through all this back checking i decided to register domains on VIR. After going through this what would you suggest sir, I still believe you to a major extent but after doing this homework i couldn't resist not being a part of it.
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