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    I. Overview
    The Company Representative program issues verified badges to third-party staff members of renowned companies in the domain industry and other affiliated markets. The verification process is conducted manually by NamePros staff to ensure its integrity and accuracy.

    These badges elevate brand exposure and provide a level of authority while informing users whom they can trust with company-specific topics. They also help to protect members and companies from misrepresentation. Badges do not empower members with any special moderator privileges.

    Each eligible member will be manually verified to ensure they are a staff member of the company they wish to be associated with on NamePros. Verified members will have a semi-custom Company Representative badge appear on their profile page and below their username on content they post.

    For companies that aren't as well known yet, we recommend listing your company in our Directory, which receives comparable exposure to our Representatives page.

    II. Example Company Representative Badges (below username and title)
    1. Dynadot
    3. NameBright
    5. .Club
    7. And many more!

    III. Company Representative Benefits
    1. Instant brand exposure with every post.
    2. Direct 3rd party customer support outlet.
    3. Social engineering in the world's #1 domain owners' community.
    4. Explosive lead source for new potential customers.
    5. Effective public relations.

    IV. NamePros Member Benefits
    1. Instant recognition of who a member should talk to regarding a particular company.
    2. Higher level of security knowing that the support a member receives is from an authorized staff member of a particular company.
    3. The ability to learn about a service a member hasn’t tried before.

    V. Requirements
    1. There are no fees or costs associated with this program. Price: Free!
    2. Authorized Company Representatives must follow all the Official NamePros Rules.
    3. The only exception to the Official Rules for Company Representatives is permitting support based links: posts with links to their company resource or reference page if it directly answers a member’s question. Do not abuse this privilege by spamming members.

    VI. Referrals
    If any NamePros member knows of a well-established company staff member that may be interested in this program, please send their username and company name to @Admin. The NamePros team will evaluate their company profile, history, and other factors to determine if they qualify.

    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.

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Page Status:
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