Value of .com dropped vowel vs. exact spelling alternate tld

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I read an article on sedo discouraging use of dropped vowel domains, "Why Dropping Vowels or Making Up Words is a Bad Idea for Domain Names". The author suggests that the practice of dropping a vowel is outdated and that flickr would have chosen or some other alternate tld if they had launched today and not in the early 00s.

I am looking to get the community's opinion on the relative value of a dropped vowel .com domain vs. alternate TLDs. Domain site appraisal sites seem to disagree with the author of the article. The domains I am considering are single words ending in 'er'. For example, vs or These are examples only. If your intention was to build a site, drive traffic to it, and hold it for at least a decade, how would you rank the following in terms of value / cost? purchased for $$$$.$$ or hand registered hand registered hand registered

Assume that both the domain name and alternate tlds are both very relevant to the site content.
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