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    Having a debate with my emoji domain colleagues about usage and adoption. So currently .ws is the extension of most emoji domains. But then you have an extension I believe is a great contender which is .to. .To has been used as a shortener and a redirect since the beginning (Amazon and Uber use .to for example). Problem is for .to is the cost of registration, which is $45 vs $4 for a .ws. No big deal ultimately but it does prevent people experimenting and adopting the extension. Furthermore, you have the 800 lb gorilla that has been silent in the background which are the dot coms but there are only 33 of such gorillas. The game would change if dot coms are allowed to be registered.

    So who will win out for emoji domains in this race? Some say .ws has already won. They have great support by Jon Roig for example who I believe is an incredible guy. But then they are heavily invested in .ws already. To me it's still too early and frankly practically nobody in society has heard about emoji domains much less .ws. In addition, would these same people who registered at $4 renew at $35 next year? We'll see.

    Even though I'm also invested in .ws I must say it's not as good as dot com. I would dare say it's not as good as .to because .ws is less intuitive. What do you think?
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    I still think of ws as western samoa
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    i think, it's just hype for .ws extension

    .ws previously was hyped as abbreviation for "website",
    but when .site .website launched and with .web on the table, it had to be re-hyped.

    but that's just my perspective

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    I have 9 .ws singles but I have to agree with you here. It's still ok imo but not great, perhaps not even good.

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