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Hello everyone,

I would like to share some good news for all domain enthusiasts and AI industry professionals: GoDaddy has officially incorporated the .BOT domain extension into their platform! This is a significant development, especially considering the previous restrictions imposed by Amazon, the extension registry, which had prevented GoDaddy from offering .BOT domains.

For several months, I’ve been anticipating this update, checking GoDaddy a few times a week to see if they had added the .BOT extension. I even communicated with a GoDaddy executive who assured me that the addition was in the works. This reassurance was crucial since I had an end-user interested in purchasing a one-word .BOT domain from me, and he had concerns about the future of the extension due to GoDaddy’s initial exclusion.

Now that these restrictions have been lifted by Amazon, GoDaddy has embraced the .BOT extension. This milestone is a positive signal for the extension's future popularity and, in my opinion, could potentially lead to an increase in aftermarket sales. I believe that .BOT has the potential to become as popular as the .AI extension, given its relevance to the artificial intelligence industry.

Amazon's initial launch of the .BOT domain aimed to cater specifically to the AI industry, with several years of limited access exclusively for registrants involved with AI bots. However, with the .BOT domain now in General Availability, all registration restrictions have been dropped, opening up the extension to a broader audience.

EnCirca, as the largest domain registrar for .BOT, played a crucial role in this launch and had been actively encouraging pre-registrations.

With GoDaddy now supporting .BOT, I am optimistic about the extension’s future. It may be a great opportunity for anyone in the AI industry or those looking to establish a unique online presence with a .BOT domain. Let’s hope this extension gains the popularity it deserves and sees a surge in adoption similar to the .AI extension.
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Encirca is way cheaper than gd
Thanks, this is indeed good news, but Afternic still doesn't support listing a .bot domain, do you have any idea when is that gonna happen ?
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