URGENT emails from godaddy regarding renewal

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    Not sure if this is the right forum for it, but i imagine others on namepros have dealt with Godaddy and their aggressive email renewals. It's a bit tiring, and if you're not used to the platform, worrying as hell and it takes a lot of my time.

    Normally i ignore the "renewal" emails as i spoke to them before and it seems these renewals are for services like premium listings, etc.

    So this morning i get personalised email from a Mark Bealy at godaddy, an accountmanager.

    Saying my domains are up for renewal. But none of my domains are up for renewal (not until 2020, whois confirms) and i have autorenewal turned off.

    Is he confusing DCC autorenewals? I'm sure the only autorenewal that counts is the one in the main account settings dashboard?

    Anyone else got these emails ? It's a bit worrying.

    Can someone please confirm that DCC renewals are solely for premium listings and not for actual domain renewals. I can understand they are confused themselves as their whole platform seems to be designed to confuse and make it as complicated as possible to deal with.

    But they shouldn't put that on customers.

    Appreciate your help.
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    OK, well accepting the good and bad opinions on Godaddy (I've been with them since the start) Probably just to lazy to move my domains out

    1. Don't rely on Whois for your domain renewal date, Always check your own account renewal dates in your Account manager. Use whois as a secondary check

    2. Remember Godaddy only allow standard customers 12 days to renew a domain before kicking-in their own $70 redemption fee. (your domain will be deleted from the Account manager view after these 12 days have passed)

    3. personally I've never had the problem you seem to be referring to about renewals for services Not activated/purchased. That said Yes, they do constantly bombard you about offers for these additional services. The reminder dates you seem to refer to are probably 'Offer Limitation' dates

    4. There are several access points and display types for your account. Take the time to get familiar with them. These days I can recognize a Godaddy 'Offer' reminder from just the heading/first line view of the email so delete them automatically.

    5. Activate Secondary security checks (text alert/Authorization code) for transfers etc. It only takes two clicks and a confirmation code sent to your mobile.

    6. Do look out for the discount codes for Renewals. They don't send them as often as the new purchase stuff. but they do send them
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    As a go daddy customer since 2007 , I too receive quiet a few email reminders now & then with offers / discount codes , but with regards to the reminders for renewals , they keep sending you until 1 month before & they stop after that , especially when you have your auto-renew turned on with credit card or other payment details on file with them.

    So on the renewal date , they automatically renew the products & charge you for that , worst thing is that you wouldn't be able to get the discount codes or promo codes applied.

    When you contact their tech support or sales support , they would simply say the codes can't be applied for the purchases made already.

    But you can cancel the order & again the refunds will not be credited back to your card , rather it will be accumulated as balance in your account for future purchases.

    So I would recommend you to read their renewal mails carefully & take actions wisely.

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