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Uniregistry vs Afternic fees

Uniregistry recently surprised me, not in a good way, I found out that commissions over 25k are still 20% if lead comes from Godaddy, while on Afternic / Godaddy it's $4,000 +10% of amount over $25k.

For a sale of $58,000 with a Godaddy lead, at Uniregistry their commission cost is $11,600 so you receive $46,400.
Meanwhile at Godaddy/Afternic their commission is $4000 + $3300 = $7300 so you receive $50,700.

I had someone contacting me directly, offering 50k NET, then they decided to go to Godaddy and refused to cover the 20%, being capped at 58k which would have met my NET price if Uniregistry wasn't overcharging me compared with Afternic. I asked Uniregistry broker to try to make it 62k so I could receive same NET. The buyer then cancelled their $58k offer and said they "went with another domain".
What is this?!
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Joe Styler told me on Twitter I have to contact Uniregistry support (as if I didn't already) because he is not very familiar with their platform. Well, Godaddy acquired Uniregistry aftermarket platform and he is Product Manager for Godaddy Aftermarket, this is an aftermarket lead coming from Godaddy itself but I'm out of luck.
I trusted I should keep my listings at Uniregistry, seems I was wrong. Good luck to all of you relying on Dan after Godaddy's acquisition.

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Precisely, being the same company I had no idea that a lead from its parent company would have such different commissions. For higher price domains I suggest removing all domains from Uniregistry, period... and they said Uniregistry would be the platform for domainers, right, with much higher costs?! Makes zero sense.
Pufff... 20% commissions on those amounts seems too high to me.

I think that having direct contact with the buyer outside the Goddady platform what you should have tried to do is to prevent them from opting for Godaddy Escrow.

Maybe Sedo, they are also known and the commission for external Escrow is very low. Less than 5% If I remember well. You should have tried this option.

Too bad, sorry for the loss of this good deal.
Buyer stopped replying directly after he made offer on Godaddy, he would only talk through brokers for some reason. At Sedo commission is 3%, even if they have been slow lately.
That person also lost a good deal, I was willing to sell at lower price because I would save 7%-10% renewing many names this month before price hike... they lost the opportunity.