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Hey guys,

New member here (but a longtime forum stalker). I'd like to see if I could get some feedback from some of you seasoned domain flipping veterans on a side project I've been working on. I made a website to try to sell some of my domains direct to small businesses and startups at fairly low costs.

I'll admit, some of the domains currently on the site are not the greatest (but I think I've also got a few gems in there). I was planning on adding some of my better inventory to the site over the next few months (say 5-10 domains per day) and marketing the website directly to people interested in starting a small business/website.

At fixed prices of $299 for .com's and $149 for .net's do you think this could catch? I've calculated my costs at these sales prices (including "estimated" marketing costs) and would need to sell approx. 15% of my site inventory annually to turn a profit (though I'd like to actually make some money from it and not just break even).

I'm pretty torn because I've had some good success selling at more traditional prices on Afternic, and I'm worried I may just be spinning my wheels trying to sell them at a discount on my own site instead of aiming for bigger deals on the major platforms. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts. The website is Thanks so much for your insight!



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Dear Marcus, Site looks dope! Great initiative,. I'd suggest you a few thoughts...,
  1. Direct integration, rather using e-commerce style checkouts.
  2. You can appraise some domains, and "Make offer",
  3. Retailing at bare minimum is treating your domains like commodity,. Big ventures can afford that..,
  4. Referral commissions for sales promotions on social media.
All the best ahead, ; ]

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The site looks good and I like the name.

In my opinion a 15% sell through rate is very high and is probably not realistic/sustainable. If you did have a sell through rate that high it would probably indicate that your domains are underpriced. I think a better strategy is to price your names higher, so you sell less of them but actually make just as much (or hopefully more) money. That way you don’t have to find as many customers and you don’t burn through your inventory as fast . Good domains are getting harder and harder to replace.

Best of luck!