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How many 2 Character ccTLD domains do you own?

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  3. 10-49

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  4. 50-99

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  5. More than 100

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  1. usernamex

    usernamex Top Contributor VIP

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    Having watched and participated in a few ccTLD countdowns, I am curious about how members rate the value of short domains.

    To keep things simple, I am sticking to TWO characters for this discussion, thinking similar standards would apply to three or single character. And I am making up extensions that don't exist in my examples

    Among the 2 Character combos it would make sense that the value from high to low would look something like this:

    Letter-Only Word Hack.............NI.CE
    Two Number Repeater............77.OG
    Two Number Premium............23.MJ
    Two Number Anything............49.QD
    Two Letter Repeater where the Letter is one of the ccTLD letters HH.HY or YY.HY
    Two Letter Repeater.............RR.LZ
    Two Letters with one Match of the ccTLD Letters XQ.JQ JD.JQ
    Two Letter Anything..............UO.VF
    Letter/Number Hack.............N1.CE (the "I" in Nice is actually the number ONE)
    Mixed NL LN with an implied meaning...............B4 (Before) K9 (Canine-Dog)
    Mixed Number Letter or Letter Number.............E3.LP

    (it got too tedious to include all Western/Chinese Premium Variations, so if that is what you are into, leave out the 4,0 and all the bad letters, whatever they are today)

    So just for fun

    1] In what order would you value these?

    2] If there were a new extension you could get first crack at, what would your top choice registrations be?

    3] There are some existing expensive and/or restricted ccTLDs with premium 2 Character domains available, what Initial Cost and Yearly Cost would you be willing to pay for 2 Character domains?

    Personally, I have a few 2C that I paid Auction/Back Order Prices to obtain, about US$130 max, in extensions with reasonable yearly renewals, US$20-55 per year.

    I don't think I'd go much higher than that yearly, since I already have a bunch I think are fun and cool if I wanted them for personal use. And unless it was a super premium name I would be hesitant to get anything with higher renewals, let's say US$100/year or more, only since I think it would make it more difficult to sell.

    Discuss : grin :
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  2. Recons.Com

    Recons.Com Top Contributor VIP

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    Hacks are most valuable. bidding went over $8K. While, I don't think for my it would go beyond $xxx unless it is end user sale.
    Then it is the best of numerics. For example, I have got few high $xxx offers on but would have to put at sedo or flippa auction to see what it can fetch.
    And, also, the cctld is very impotant. My would get $xx,xxx at sedo auction any day.

    As a buyer, I would pay some premium above market for LL.cctld that matches one of my LLLL.coms. Meaning, if I had I 'd pay premium for

    So far I haven't managed to get LL.cctld for any of those ) But haven't really focused either )
  3. theSun

    theSun Account Closed (Requested) PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I like Leopard Domain names. In China domaining, Leopard domains means 豹子米, which are repeaters just like 77.OG as you mention
  4. usernamex

    usernamex Top Contributor VIP

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    @Recons.Com Have you looked to see if there are existing that match your LL.ccTLD? I have some on accident, I haven't approached the com owners, or they are parked/for sale themselves

    @tekz999 Interesting - I like that term Leopard - I use RR or RRR in my own notations if I am looking for repeaters. I have not made up a symbol to show the difference for N or L, I suppose I typically check L N RR and RRR as one batch since there are only 72 total.
  5. Recons.Com

    Recons.Com Top Contributor VIP

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    I have done very minimum of outbound marketing so far for my domains. Many of my names sell themselves, but yes, I have to improve on this.
  6. ssamriga

    ssamriga Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I had three LL.LVs, sold one to enduser, have ED.LV and NT.LV left.
  7. N-A

    N-A Account Closed

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    Why RR? Unnecessary classification. There are ABAB, etc. LLLL domains already so why can't a pattern be AA[A...] to depict the same?

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