Time to give up domaining

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  1. Steven McEvoy

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    Chips are dead the whole Chinese BS was stupid and will never happen again.
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  2. Miska81

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    Thanks .can I appraise domains I already own here ?
  3. The CEO

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    I have also understand when Godaddy stop the discount codes the business gets touch especially to the new reg names. During those dayes we can buy domains for 1$ and $2 and place them in action here at Namepros if the name has value to others bids can sometimes end up up to $20 or more, this gives the seller a profitable margin and reg. in bulk and selling them all is a definitely "business wise". but now, buying a hand reg will cost $8 if you have membership and more if non. Godaddy please bring back the discount codes. As I said on my first time on the business, @stub was one of my mentor and he will give you honest advice and like everyone else on the business we slowed down buying "maybe will and maybe not"names and focus on much more easy to sell and have value names.
  4. cooljub

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    Yes.. brace yourself for some frank replies
  5. 1Darko

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    I'm now in my second year and I probably will never give up. The first year I was deeply in the red. It's a learning process with ups and downs. After my first year I have dropped over 50 names. A lot of my drops where picked up by Huge Domains and one by Mike Mann. Now I'm in the second year and I'm slightly in the black with a smaller but better portfolio than before. Everybody has to find his own "recipe" to success. Of course it helps if you have fun. Sometimes trying to hard is not helpful at all. Here on namepros forum you can find great people from all around the world and they (we) are mostly all very friendly. Enjoy the trip because thats mainly the point of domaining. If you reach to the end the fun is over.
    Good luck and success to all namepros!
  6. Domains Ted

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    Don't waste your hard earned money by renewing the same. Try for some different Strategy.
  7. ben pedri

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    All in all this domaining was a waste of money and mostly -ucking time ,you can always get back the money,my solution now is to slim down ,keep the best of the best of the BEST.SHOWS like domain Sherpa glorified this game,but even top guys with media advantage ran from the hills. where in too deep all of us ,slim down and try to salvage,its hard to let 15 year renewals go but WTF ,if we can buy better crap now at even reg fee ,with some of the knowledge we attained ,then why keep the crap
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  8. tonecas

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    1. one or two years of domaining is nothing. it's mostly educating time, one way or the other.

    2. most success stories and meteoric rises of the last 4 years were made in a full bull market that has crossed many businesses. this means when the tide turns we will see many people naked, and many certainties about the market be turned upside down.

    3. domaining is like every other business. it needs time, research, planning, hard work, discipline and making mistakes. luck is very important also. forget the easy money stories. they are just lures and outliers.

    4. you need to learn what sells, what can be worth in the future and what can be just hype.

    4.a. for that matter, you need to learn how to ride an idiotic trend that is made up by collective delusion, but be aware that you are playing a game and it will end. that is, you should know that it has no long term future but be willing to join the masses and take part of the money on the table while it lasts.

    4.b. most of your money should be spent on good domains, that you will be able to identify after point 3. I can give you an example of good segment: short domains. But really short, not the nonsense of 5 letters or more or 5,6 and more digits domains. stick to 2 characters and 3 letters on .com. This is sound investment because human behavior will always be attracted to uniqueness and scarcity, specially when a bull and optimistic market sets up. you need "just" to be careful and understand that everything will go out of fashion in a bear market and money doesn't grow out of trees. So you should not being paying high values even on good and solid domains *today*.

    5. most of this business is building a good portfolio and waiting, for several years. flipping is not for everyone, and should be done only as a side tactic to make some money to fund better inventory or pay some bills. most of the flipping opportunities result from point 4.a.

    6. trim your portfolio. playing the high numbers game is just for a few. you need to really know what you are doing, have a very good and streamlined process with well controlled expenses. Most of the people that succeeds in this model where people that have been around since "the early days" where they could build big portfolios with good available domains or with a good global average value. the few others where "just" really smart or had some good monetary backing to start it.

    7. understand that the buying part is the most important one. it is better to buy low than to buy high, and it is better to buy one good domain than several mediocre domains for the same total amount. this is very obvious and looks like a stupid thing to say but the fact is most are not aware of how important this is and how this is tied to the success of most investment decisions you make. you cannot buy a 2 letter .com domain today for $1k. but you should not also pay $500k today for one. the deal is to buy at a value where you can have some margin to coupe with market fluctuations. how do you do that? by being around in the business for some time, by point 3, and developing a good insight into what is a good value proposition given the current status of the market and the foreseeable future (for what it can be humanly grasped).

    finally, giving up is not the solution in anything. at least not before revising what went wrong and what can be done better and then try again.
  9. MetBob

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    This is, IMHO, excellent advice. I realize that realistically most of us only have time and resources to develop a few, but we should not discount this fallback position. If others do not immediately see the value in them we see a route to using them effectively then the financial risk is reduced. I know that development is hard work, but it does potentially make the domain much more valuable for future sale, and generates at least some income in the meantime.

    There has been lots of good advice offered to the original poster, and encouragement, in this positive thread. I would echo myself with the don't give up too easily, but perhaps concentrate on finding new ways to promote the names which you feel are most saleable.
  10. saj110

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    @tonecas very well said (y)
  11. Kuffy

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    Wasn't there a famous actor who said it took him 15 years to become an overnight success.

    A few sales will make all the difference, and restore your faith. Try to get as much exposure for your names as you can, and I believe it is worth compiling small collections of related names, and listing thse on your own pages.
  12. MrConor

    MrConor ObrienDesign

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    Yea purchasing the same domain name on a different TLD was very risky. Obviously too late now, but you should have seif 1 sold before buying alternates. ain't too bad :)
  13. platey

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    Domain names is like selling and or direct sales etc -

    Eg it is either the easiest lowest paid job in the world


    It can be the hardest highest paid job in the world

    Each person buying and selling domains makes it what it is

    Time adds value to the price of good domain names tho

    But with gd allegedly advertising on tv more people will be typing in domain names in to gd search which effectively does the work for the domain name investor
  14. dnk

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    Investing money in domains in India is the worst decision a single woman professional, who is not well connected can take as the notoriously corrupt dishonest indian intelligence and security agencies will falsely label them as a security threat without any proof at all, hysterically repeat their lies like parrots for nearly a decade, to steal their savings, resume, correspondence, hold them a virtual prisoner
    The extremely corrupt NTRO ( the indian equivalent of NSA) is extremely shameless and brazen in exploiting harmless indian women domain investors to enjoy lifetime free sex with google, tata supplied goan sex worker R&AW employees, getting jobs for their relatives and friends and getting bribes from anyone who pays their market price for abusing their powers, and making fake claims about domain, website, paypal account ownership
    For example in India, specifically goa, a trained engineer who is investing money in domains, is not allowed to work elsewhere, so that large companies like google, tata can acquire technology for free, after putting the domain investor under surveillance, making the domain investor a slave for google, tata and others as they do not have to pay any salary and also do not have to invest any money in domains and related expenses .
    Additionally large it and internet companies are also exploiting the domain investor to offer sex, money, job bribes to extremely powerful fraud top NTRO. CBI, R&AW, security agency employees through their friends and relatives
    The indian government lectures citizens on tax evasion, black money, yet wastes millions of dollars of indian tax payer money on google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and others fraud R&AW/Cbi employees, falsely claiming that they own domain names, paypal account of a private indian citizen, google competitor. Income tax returns, bank details will expose the great fraud of Ntro,cbi, raw, security agency employees.
  15. dnk

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    for example google, tata sponsored indore R&AW employee document robber housewife veena has never paid for a single domain name in her life yet because she BRIBES fraud powerful top NTRO, cbi, raw , security agency employees , the fraud indian government, NTRO, cbi falsely claims that the cheater housewife, who stole my documents and does not spend any money online , owns my domain names to pay the indore crook a monthly R&AW salary. There are 10 google, tata sponsored lazy fraud CBi/R&AW/indian intelligence employees falsely claiming to own my domain names to get a monthly indian government salary.
    Due to these endless frauds of top indian government employees india faces an economic crisis.
  16. Pierre Barnard

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    The more I practice, the luckier I get...famous quote
  17. Bayan

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  18. disaac81

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    Hang in there, like others have said.

    I used to have over 1,600 names now only have about 380 and that will be trimmed too, but I am purchasing new names too. Funny how when I look back I see hoe much rubbish I bought.

    Managed to make a small profit in the last year, just did my return for taxes. Really hoping for a better year again this year.

    Just food for thought, 90% of my sales are those I got from the aftermarket \ expiring auctions. Although I was lucky in my first year with a few big sales of hand-regs but they were vr names and a rather lucky name I got before anyone else (pylon/cam dot com).

    Good luck.
  19. akobunduemmanuel

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    Mine is over a year now and it has a lot of end-users but no buyer
  20. frank-germany

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    get your baby a brother
    -- > buy a second domain
  21. akobunduemmanuel

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    lolssss, mehnn you are funny at "get your baby a brother'

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