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I wonder just how many of us are really willing to share domain investment strategies. Yes we are happy to skirt around the edges, even give a peak here and there. It's the recent interview given by Rick Shawartz that has given me a certain new admiration for those willing to take a step beyond.

Me , I have always been a key-word man. It didn't have to have present or established popularity (actually ,preferably not) but it did have to have a bright horizon. Hasn't made me rich but has certainly made domaining enjoyable.

I'm very much into cognitive recognition in domains, No confusion it's pretty much related to what it says on the tin. Not descriptive but two word evocative. These have served me well. Wish I hadn't gone with some of the rest of the other Sh*t though.

I do think many of us (pros and semi-pros) are like best friends here on namepros similar interests but far apart on our own perspective.

Of course newbies are crying out for direction but I doubt most would even understand the modelling or even part of it, which makes it futile anyway. How many of us have tried to help newbies by PM's only to find it like going back to first grade. No It can't be done unless you have a year to spare.

So finally how do successful domainers truly feel about all these requests, they are becoming more frequent almost as much as hyped worthless domain sale requests. Shame it's clogging the board to the extent it is.

Ps Ever since being an AirCadet I've always wanted to be a Fighter Jet or Airline pilot. I'll just find the online resource, that should do it Honestly I do know all the fundamentals ;) that should be enough to fly you guys around.
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There is a reason people don’t share their strategies. We are all competitors in the same arena. Not everyone can gather one word dot coms. It probably took many years, headaches, trial and error, money for success stories to carve out or find a successful angle that works for them. And that angle is subject to change and always evolving.

People come in here wanting to be spoon fed info instead of lets say starting at the Beginners area or reading as much as they can and searching for answers before opening threads. They are in a big rush and they want it now. Domaining mastery takes time and most aren’t willing or capable of a disciplined approach. The best we can do is point them to the Newbie threads.
There are few layers to it, to me.

First - the strategy can be a pretty complex thing. It's a mix of ideas, calculation, execution, gut feeling etc. Many times it's impossible to explain. Not to mention that one's strategy can change multiple times over the course of time.

Second - why? Why would anyone be explaining his strategy to someone else? (question is rhetorical). To me it's a bit like explaining your financial situation or health or history of life - these are personal things that better be kept from people that have nothing to do with this.

Now, certain advice, certain aspects of strategy, let's put it this way - of course. I have no problem sharing if someone PMs me. And I PM to others sometimes myself and get some really good advice as well. It's just that doing it in public and causing the discussion is a waste of time for both, imo.

And if we are talking about newbies - the problem with them is that the majority of their questions are way too vague. The type of questions they ask are similar to ''how do I understand the Bible'' or ''how can I do good in life, guide me thru process''. And yes, as mentioned already - many just look for quick ways to make money, they don't have the patience to study. They read in google that ''domain flipping can be profitable'', and voila - they are here. Not all, but many. Sure hats off to those who are dedicated - who read, study, and try to truly understand processes (we've all been there) - in these cases I am helping as much as I can (if asked).
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As soon as you post something to share, people will Google and slap back to your face to tell you that you are stupid.
Beside there is no reason to share at all.
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I help when I can, but have limited time and energy.

Which is highly appreciated. I learned a lot from what you share. And always in a respectful way, yet not beating around the bush.

A quality which is to be admired.
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