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    Hello Doofer,
    I do understand you.
    I am also very disapointed with this business.
    I have a lot of 2 word .com domains and other domains in .org,, .cn etc... (1 word domains).
    When people are asking for "keyword" related domains I send them mine (without the price or with a fair price for reseller) and each time I have no response.

    1 persone is asking for bitcoin related domains.
    I send him and other bitcoin related domains and NO RESPONSE !

    1 persone is asking for token related domains.
    I send him and other token related domains and NO RESPONSE !

    1 persone is asking for crypto related domains.
    I send him and other crypto related domains and NO RESPONSE !

    1 persone is asking for coin related domains.
    I send him (a cryptocurrency) and other cryptocurrency related domains and NO RESPONSE !

    And It's the same thing for the .org, .cn, domains I have.

    When I receive an offer on SEDO each time It's for a domain I have no longer.
    I did not pay the registration fee and my domain was erased.

    All that It's very weird and I am fed up with that.

    I am on GoDaddy, SEDO, UNIREGISTRY, and I have quality domains and no offer only on the domains I lost because I did not pay the registration fees.
    It's very strange if you understand what I am thinking about...

    All the best to all the domainers.

    Philippe Ravel
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  2. Kuffy

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    You need to step back and look at the reasons for your lack of response. Many will disagree with me, but I think that the fancy extensions are best ignored. "casino" must be one of the best keywords, but I bet there are at least 50 TLDs with the single word unregistered. I'm concentrating on .coms now.

    The other thing that it's worth doing is to think about the end users for a name. Take "Bitcoin factories" for example. What is a Bitcoin factory? The only thing I can think of is a large mining operation, and they don't need a domain name to operate. You could use it for a discussion about large volume mining, but that would be better on an html page on a general Bitcoin site.
  3. Kpett

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    I think there are many new domainers in the last couple of years who have read about the big sales and might think this is an easy way to make money. Many do not understand or won't take the time to learn all of the details needed to be successful, or have the patience required to let the domain sales happen. Look, we all have "quality domains," some more than others.

    I've found that here on NP that many who post in the Requests forum are looking for deals - not necessarily willing to pay a decent price for domains (for the most part). So responses to these requests many times are not answered as they are probably flooded with PMs, or else just simply don't care to respond.

    Good luck.
  4. DNScholar


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    Domaining is evolving.
  5. Findom

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    I'm a total beginner and no position to give advice, but I'm sure that, in domaining as well as any other area of life, success is no accident. It's simple as that: do what they do to get what they get. Don't get me wrong though, those people have accumulated the required knowledge through extensive reading and trial and error along years. Luck may justify one sale or even multiple sales. But it can't explain years after years of continued success and prosperity. Therefore, there must be something wrong or lacking at your strategy. As soon as you realize what's wrong, what's the cause of your stagnation and then fix it, sales will begin to roll in. Good luck! (y)
  6. wwwweb

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    Good advice, but domains that are 1/8 of that caliber take a big capital investment these days. The dynamics have changed, instead of having a .co .net or a .org, first time sub 500 buyers have 1000 other extensions to choose. The high end buyer wants the cream of the crop, and many end up paying for it, but with scripts, and bots automating aftermarket deals, it is very hard to get a decent price without throwing out a whole bunch of money, and hoping it comes back one day.

    Nobody said domaining is easy, actually starting from scratch today it is extremely hard with the number of people chasing the same drops, good inventory can be hard to accumulate without knowing, a few ins, and outs, and have confidence to hold. You also need lots of capital to acquire, and renew. WIth Huge Names catching anything decent that drops, you basically have to spend $69 to acquire single bets, that may, or maynot pay off. 10 names is like $700, without any guarantee of a sale, even if you sell one for $500-$1000 with a 20% commission you are just breaking even.

    Not everyone is cut out for this, if you are buying english speaking domains, and english is not your first language, maybe not a good idea.

    The industry will keep supporting, and putting figures out there because they need people to buy the crap, park the crap, attend the conferences etc... sell the dream, just like any other industry.

    If it's not working, maybe time to try something else.
  7. Donnyd

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    I would buy private from owners. Never drop catches or snap, NJ. To much competition. Better off spending a bit more for quality and owning less. Everyone is different. Best off just buying one good domain and spreading the cost over 5 years and starting a real business from that name. IMO
  8. 1Darko

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    BitcoinFactory is definitely better
    I can imagine a movie or book with such title -The Bitcoin Factory Bestseller - 100% moneyback warranty! :xf.grin:
  9. The CEO

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    Remembering the good time before the Chinese came to scene. Those times that you can usually buy 4L for $20 and $100 just a good 4L pronounceable. The time where the one in auctions here on Namepros are just amazing names. The newbie mistakes was not reading, listening nor researching on names that are easy to sell but instead we rather hand reg of made up names believing that one day they will have their big break. The feeling is great, every time you save some money you registered a new names. Months had passed and non of your names were sold, and you will just say " just a little more time" the renewal date came and now you have renewed all your domains, imagine 500 of them or 1000 names. Year 2 approached and your still positively believing that the names will sold but non of them happen. and you will start asking yourself how the guru's manage to sell their non worth names for a huge margins, how they easily manage to sell names without much effort. Then you will find the clear answer that the business requires a lot of work and connection. I have not seeing the old timers here on Namepros, they are all good sellers and buyers and they will give you advice when you need so. Now that shifted out and those people slowed down as well. I have seen some of them every once in a while and I am wondering if they all retired.
    Learning needs time and I learn a lot of things, there is no word such "easy money". I have slowed down as well, keeping my 100 names intact, i buy some and sell some but I am concentrating on Development.
    Thank you Namepros, Eric and all the Moderators, all the members that will give you honest opinion.
  10. doubleU

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    RECLAIMFEES.COM might have end user demand, if you keep only that one you are still domaining but proberly doing better.
  11. Miska81

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    Hello am a newbie too. Find it interesting but in all what have learnt from the threads so far is to read up and learn not to rush.though have already bought some myself.i hope am able to sell them. Was trying to put them for appraisal but can't seem to find how to do so on the chats....Don't give up
  12. Smiles76

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    Truth is, 1% of domainers probably own 99% of the domains people actually want to buy while the remaining 99% of domainers are fighting to sell to the 1%
  13. DonDraper

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    Quitting is easier than hustling even because apparently domaining looks like gambling.

    1 - Dig into NP like you never did until you cannot NOT register that name...not the contrary

    2 - Until you got 2+ years of experience you are not allowed to say "I like this name"

    3 - You have to fall in love with "Names", if you are just a money follower you wont achieve any success

    4 - Be creative, try to imagine the future. Its too easy to put money where the value is clear. Try to identify patterns that people/domainers dont see yet but market already is whispering.

    My 0,02 cents...
  14. cooljub

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    Hi Miska, just click on 'Appraisals' and start a new thread.
  15. dannyddn1

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    It's definitely getting harder. Every auction I enter nowadays, people are bidding enormous amounts acquiring names, getting ridiculous. Wasn't like this several months back.
  16. Steven McEvoy

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    China really destroyed domain industry.... Specially with 4L.coms
  17. tldboss

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    Guide =>
  18. WatchDogue

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    Domaining is very easy to " get into " and very easy to leave.

    If you have put in what you consider reasonable efforts compatible to your time constraints, your work ethics and, your financial level of commitment all to no avail, you are wise to bow out of domaining.

    While you are away from domaining should the domain bug bite again you will be far better educated about " what doesn't work " for you and what new path of domaining you may wish to pursuit in the future.

    It is always easy to return and return with past lessons learned and a brighter approach to domaining.
  19. LarryDomain

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    Not a good time to invest so it's smart you're giving up. Don't be fooled by others, they just want to sell their domains to you. You can't lose anymore money if you don't buy. use that money to buy some lobsters.
  20. stub

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    I'm not giving up. This year has been a tough one for me. What I am doing is reducing my portfolio (my renewals). by at least half in 1 year. Getting rid of all (well most) of the dross. Try it. It's tough. Some good stuff might get washed out with the bathwater. But you/(I) cannot make 100% good decisions with every single domain. You just try your best. I rarely buy any domains in the aftermarket (any market) any longer because I cannot justify the prices (in most cases). At least compared to what I'm getting offered for my better domains. I'm expecting by halving my portfolio my quality/price will increase at least double, and costs will half. Which might or might not happen. I'm already asking higher prices from all inquiries. This has helped noticeably. Less sales though :( If I can keep making sales from my domain stock I'll be fine. I'm purchasing a new property which is restricting my further investment in domains. And it's been a good time to re-evaluate my portfolio, and as I said, get rid of the dross. Dross for me=any domain I don't think I can sell for more than $1k. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year, and future in Domaining.

    NB: investing $8+ in renewing domains I think I can sell for $1k+ seems like a better strategy than investing in renewing domains which I wonder if I will ever sell them for $2-300. Of course volumes play a part in the equation. And I'm taking that into account. As best I can. Given the uncertainty of the data.
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  21. wwwweb

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    Depends on who you ask, if you ask the people who were holding hundreds, or if not thousands of jibberish so called Chips ZKFJ com, and were able to acquire them for $10-$25 in aftermarket buys, and sell them for $2500, I think they would disagree. Most of the China losses are held within the Chinese buyers who got left holding the bag.
  22. richface

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    Sad to Hear OP, There are two things you definitely need in domaining one is Good Names and the other is LUCK. I have great names that receive inquiries every month and don't sell and then my really rubbish domains well in my mind those domains sell like hot cakes very strange. In addition I know of big UK companies holding super premium domain names and have held them since 1996 over 20 years with no significant sale yes no significant sale on ANY Super premium names or reasonable offers so is a strange Industry I even joked once to a CEO that perhaps they need a premium domain museum to keep those there! . I would not quit if i was you, try and sell what you have get a full time Job if you can and re start your investment in liquid names and slowly on a partime basis then branch into keywords but even buying good names are not a sure thing the highly premium names are the hardest to sell. To my fellow domainers try not to kick a fella when he is clearly already down and has opened up we all make mistakes at the start lets try and give some encouragement and constructive advise! My opinion only. Take Care OP.
  23. Omar Negron

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    Good stuff right there. Instead of calling it quits, don't do it until you examine your strategy and what you've been doing that isn't working. Tweak some things, model what works for others.

    Leaving a venture isn't always bad but just make sure you did all you could on your end to make your business successful.

  24. tonyk2000

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    "give up domaining" - isn't it exactly what hugedomains wants to happen with all of us, as various threads like "hugedomains is buying 50% @ godaddy expired auctions" clearly indicate?
    In any case, I'd prefer to optimize portfolio quality (vs. quantity), not an easy task of course. Even though I technically see how domains I drop are re-registered by other domainers who have lower (or different) quality criterias than mine. Hugedomains takes a lot from my drops. Other domainers are taking many. Even pure mistakes such as mistypes of Mississippi - related domains are frequently re-regged. So, imho, _quality_ is the key nowadays
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  25. lolwarrior

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    Maybe do not give it up completely - but try to understand in which areas there is an over-competition, and in which areas of domaining the competition is not that big. It is not always most profitable to go with the mainstream - you can find your own niche, be it .com, ccTLDs or new gTLDs.

    Also, you need to decide what domaining should do for you: if your income depends on it, you must go for liquid (learn for example about LLLL .com chips), if it is something else then you have a variety of options.

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