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In this article, I want to talk about the quickest ways to monetize geo domains. The reality of the domain industry is that many investors like you and I have other projects or employment that takes up most our time. Quick start revenue streams are the perfect solution for us to build on that long-term retirement plan and expand our networks.
Parking – Let’s face it, in today’s domain industry, parking is one of the first things people gravitate to. The reality of parking is that you can’t take any domain name, park it, and expect to make money. Parking is optimally for domains that used to be developed and still receiving traffic. Note: It’s against 99.9% of parking company and ad stream policies to create traffic after a domain is parked. You can have your accounts banned at multiple places instantly trying that. If your domain has no traffic, don’t waste time parking it, find a different monetization method.
Keep in mind that it’s easier to pitch/sell a domain that you have extensive knowledge in than it is to sell a domain you know nothing about. Developing your assets also helps you acquire hands-on knowledge in your niche so that the selling process becomes easier...
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Thanks for posting this informative guide
Imagine how powerful this method would be if you build a website on a premium domain.
"Affiliate Product/Service"..."I may write another article on that at a later time"

Please do...for most of my domains this would be a good way to go.

Just got a 'rejection' letter today from a domain parking service many of my domains point to already...getting tired of the half*** customer support I get for providing a product for free that someone else makes money off of.

Got a great idea for a monetizing service and can't find anyone who does it (there HAS to be someone out there that thought of this already...looking in wrong places I guess). About a half mil seed money should do it!

Thank you for the me something to think about.
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