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Hi guys. I’d like to monetize some of my domains; a way to justify the cost maintaining my portfolio.
1) Is parking worth it? These are hand regs.
2) Is there a better / faster way to monetize? And
3) is that even something I want to do? Or, am I better off keeping Atom, etc, Buy Now landing pages? Thanks in advance.
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what’s considered good traffic.
just park on bodis or another parking platform for a month and check the performance
Hi Molly

you'll have to park your domains with a pay per click platform, in order to gauge what is good traffic for each domain.
if your domain gets any visitors,
then the higher the CTR, paired with a value for EPC of $0.01 or higher, shows how good the traffic is, for that specific name.

I’m still trying to understand what’s considered good traffic. I monitor analytics on my portfolio, and it seems to be getting a ton of hits (about 5K in under a month).

A couple of domains seem to get a lot more action than the others, however, they almost all bounce. (Currently, almost all have Atom landing pages.)

Is this meaningful data, or am I better off pointing to Bodis for a month before assuming CTR? Hopefully I’ve phrased that well. Thanks.

put all on bodis to test. if nothing stay on bodis forever and just pick option to go direct to lander.
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