alert The fund can't be withdrawal from via Masterbucks wallet

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It happened on 23rd Aug 2022 and this matter lasted almost one month without any process. declined my fund withdrawal and disabled the button of fund withdrawal. And I contacted and got no further action even if Rob Monster got involved in it for two weeks. All the time I was told in email by management review.

What is wrong with Do you think it is normal to disable fund withdrawal? How can I get back my fund from Thanks for your suggestion.

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the first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club

Yes, but given the nature of this "Where's Waldo hiding the missing Masterbucks" plot, it seems a more apropos quote might be:

The first rule of flight club is that you do not talk about flight club. ✈️ dropped earlier this month.

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P.S: D.B. Cooper didn't need a flight club, he had a parachute and a pocket full of Masterbucks!
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But l mean... How likely is it that Rob Monster is actually in witness protection vs Some other wild theory such as Rob Monster is a Russian agent similar to Jan Marsalek of WireCard?
Considering that the Monster is a gun-loving, fake-Christian, right-wing lunatic, it's probably 50/50 that he's on Putin's payroll.
These are this morning's ICANN figures (still checking) for Epik:
Total : 272,260
Delta: -9,200
Total New: 5,924
Total Deleted: 12,685
Transfers in: 852
Transfers out: 3,243
Renewals: 14,271

The figures are for February 2024 as ICANN has a three month delay on publication. It is heavily reliant upon renewals. New registrations seem to have declined and outbound transfers have also fallen. The .COM is still its biggest earner. It doesn't seem to have a significant footprint in ccTLDs to compensate for its gTLD performance. It was on 648,034 in February 2023 and 747,909 in February 2022.

Just got a service (or lack thereof) notice...

2024-6-16 epik log in fail.jpg
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