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    .... We have now added the ability to automatically detect and notify you when alternatives TLDs (extensions) are registered for your premium and standard/ WLM domains.

    Every 30 days, you will receive a notification with a list of domains for which additional TLDs were registered by someone during that period. You will also be able to see the list of domains along with number of TLDs registered in your Marketplace Listings page.

    This information can be useful to determine potential end-user interest. For example, if you own the .com version and someone registers a .co extension and decides to develop the website, it can potentially make your .com extension more desirable down the road. Therefore, you can use this information to consider repricing the domains, set discount alerts, schedule future price increases etc. In addition, this information can be helpful when deciding which domains to keep or drop at the time of expiration/ renewals.

    We will automatically run monthly checks on all your Premium domains, as well as all WLM domains for which name servers are pointing to SH. This is a Beta feature, and we may make changes to it in the future.

    source (SH)
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    Good to see they are adding features to help justify the adsurd commission's 👌

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